a 30-minute drive just to go for a walk

it’s one of those times where you look back and say, “im glad i went.”

because if it were up to me, i would’ve been glued to the freaking couch crocheting my ass off and wasted all that beautiful weather before the rainy days take the spotlight for the following week.

but i do enjoy crocheting, though. as expensive as the bloody yarns are (i only go for the 100% australian cotton because i’m one pretentious noob), i appease the miser in me by telling myself it’s waaay cheaper than a shrink and probably just as effective. not that my crazy is getting out of hand but, you know, introverts like me need a safer place to play aside from posting random shit on their personal blogs for the whole world wide web to see.

to be honest, the way things are going with my crochet, i might need to sell my stuff just so i could use the money to buy new yarns to keep this madness going. but for what it’s worth, learning crochet has really made me appreciate the bigger and deeper issues of life. more than the rhythmic movement of the yarn gliding against the hook, it has made me understand the whole cycle of addiction where right now, i’m at the user phase. and it’s only a matter of time before i progress to the whoring stage. you know, when you start selling everything from the shirt off your back to your very own soul just to sustain the momentum?

if i really think about it, i’m pretty much already there, as i have already pressured threatened bullied contracted jeff to buy my first project. dafuq do i care if he doesn’t really need or want a baby blanket? he can always give it to his kid. who also happens to be my kid. win-win-win!

st. kildast. kilda

so, yeah, we drove to st. kilda, one of melbourne’s popular beach spots with its million-dollar houses fronting the beach. houses that are practically mansions that one can only dream about. but as nice as the beaches here are, if i had that insane amount of money, i’d probably still buy us a house in the philippines where the waves aren’t as feisty as the sharks that frequent the waters, and the weather is warm 99% of the time.

but that’s not to say raven didn’t enjoy the sand on her feet —  a sensory learning i wanted her to experience. i would’ve wanted her to touch the sand with her hands too but the problem is, she puts everything in her mouth and one of my worst fears is her choking so let’s just say my biceps and triceps had a pretty good workout from holding her up.

st. kildast. kilda

discovered this fish and chips shop at balaclava on our way home. now, what makes this particular shop unique is that they display the seafood right in front of you. kind of like a fish market, except that they cook it for you. it’s probably their way of saying “look, our products are fresh as so quality is nevertheless guaranteed!”

their strategy must have worked because people were in and out of that shop and at the time we were there, several customers were on queue, including us. jeff had the regular fish and chips with salad. i had oysters and they were yum! (although oysters are always delightful regardless of where you get them at.) i can’t really explain it but for some reason, oysters taste like the sea to me. must be the saltiness of it. but then it also transports me back to the philippines — the feel of the sea breeze and the smell of the beach in the early morning or at sunset. there’s nothing quite like it.

st. kilda

all in all, it was a pretty nice day. what was supposed to be a simple walk in dandenong turned out to be a mini saturdate at st. kilda beach. =)

*raven at 9 months old

3 thoughts on “a 30-minute drive just to go for a walk

  1. I love that your day trips are these fantastic excursions — my travels are so few between, mostly relying on memory to get my through to the next one. Raven is lucky to have such exciting places to visit as she grows up! BTW, crocheting is much more effective than paying a shrink just so you can figure out that there is nothing wrong with you and life’s not so bad just as it is….

    1. oh, but your trips are such a dream! sure, they may be few and far between but they’re definitely blog-worthy! emphasis on “definitely.” make that all-caps.

      once upon a time, i wanted my blog to be a travel blog. you know, be one of those cool people who seem to be everywhere around the world and exploring places their readers can only fantasize about?

      well, obviously that never happened. so i settle for the next second best: act like a traveler in my own hometown, or wherever it is i am. make it seem like an adventure on its own. sometimes it works. other times, i get immuned to the scenery as it is something i see everyday. and i find the latter really sad. so now i try my best to consciously see the mundane with new eyes, if you know what i mean. and it amazes me how everyday things can actually be exciting simply by changing my perspective.

      hey, you want a baby blanket? hahahahahaha.

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