a duterte-inspired post-workout thoughts

saw duterte’s face on the news while i was on the elliptimill at gym this morning. as groggy as i was, i felt my whole face smile and light up. fighting the sudden urge to tap this other woman pedaling beside me to proudly tell her, “hey, that’s my president!”

but, yeah, i’ve never felt this excited and this hopeful about my country. i know a lot of people are critical about what he’s doing but for some reason, i feel like he has a genuine heart. that he can be trusted. and that he’s staking his life and soul on the line to clean up a country that’s been polluted with greed and corruption for as long as i can remember.

and i daresay the church isn’t really of much help, either. being religious doesn’t make you a good person by default. sometimes, being too anal about what’s right and wrong can make a person haughty and self-righteous.

i remember visiting san agustin church’s museum in intramuros. that was in 2010. funny thing is, what i wrote on my blog is pretty much the same way i feel until now:

and then there’s san agustin museum, which is, truthfully, a museum just like any other but it’s nice to see all those religious items blinged out with gold, diamonds, semi-precious stones, and what-have-you — nice in a sense that you get to see them up from up close. but then if you stare at them long enough, you can’t help but feel kind of sick at the thought of how insanely rich those spanish priests must have been during their political and religious reign here in our country. at least that’s what i always feel when i see religious stuffs that are oh-so-precious they have to be locked and guarded for safety. material wealth really has a way of messing up religion. or maybe that’s where the greed part comes in.

life isn’t all black and white. there’s a lot of gray areas in between. that’s what makes judging so tricky. i reckon for as long as you try to be a good person and you’re not hurting anybody, then it’s all good.

for all we know, heaven could just be a little peace of mind at the end of the day.

2 thoughts on “a duterte-inspired post-workout thoughts

  1. I am not into politics at all, but I am so impressed at how Duterte is loved here in the Philippines. I love bringing up his name when I am in the taxi, just to see how the driver’s face is lightning up 🙂 All I know is that it is very easy to judge from the outside and the fact that your president is SO outspoken can definitely feed all the cliches. But what I see is that he incarnates change and hope, and agree or not with all his policies, he is incredibly courageous and dedicated. His stance on the 2 children policy are so strong, you know how the Church reacted to it.But all the youngsters I am talking to here are so supporting him. At my own little level, he promised to forbid karaoke after 10PM On week days, and I would have voted for him just for that 😉

    1. hahaha. i remember sleeping (or trying to) to the sound of neighbors singing videoke all through the night. i don’t know which was worse — the drunken voices belting out the classics, or that annoying sound at the end of every song that gives you the score after your performance.

      but i’d be a hypocrite for complaining so i don’t. well, i try not to. because the truth is, my friends and i were once guilty of that offense too. lol.

      on a serious note, i’m happy to read all these posts on facebook about the filipinos hopeful for a change. it’s about time. i know there’s a lot of arguments about it but i, personally, have never had this much hope for my country. i reckon we have what it takes. we just need more discipline and i believe that duterte is just the man for the job to keep us all in line. =)

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