cheese & wine food truck festival

the closest to street food you could get here in melbourne would have to be the food trucks. even then, i reckon most of them taste and look like they were served straight from a restaurant kitchen because they’re pretty good. except that, of course, they’re on paper plates with disposable cutlery and you might have to bust a varicose vein or two standing while eating while keeping a close watch on people getting up to leave so you can take their seat. if you’re lucky, you’d find one while you still have your food intact. otherwise, you just have to be creative about it.

cheese and wine food truck festival, prestoncheese and wine food truck festival, preston

last sunday, we went to preston for their cheese & wine food truck festival. that being the name, i expected a lot of cheese and a lot of wine but as it turns out, what i saw were mostly just your regular food trucks serving, well, different kinds of food. if you had the same expectations as i did, you’re better off going to your local deli or the nearest bottle shops because you’d be disappointed.

i wasn’t disappointed. that’s the beauty of having zero to low standards: i’m quite easy to please. and besides, at the moment i couldn’t care less about wine anyway because i’m breastfeeding so it’s all good. no dramas. (when i’m done nursing, i’m pouring myself a bottle of red. yep, you read that right. a bottle. maybe hook up with cheryl since that girl never runs out of stock. lol. but i like my wine sweet, though. like me. *evil laugh* the best i’ve tried here so far would have to be the ones by brown brothers.)

cheese and wine food truck festival, prestoncheese and wine food truck festival, preston

as the event was in a food truck park (i didn’t know they had food truck parks in preston!), there were heaps of choices. i went for this brazilian meal set comprised of rice and three different kinds of meat. this, after making a pact with jeff that starting september we’re gonna go vegetarian. obviously, i didn’t make good on that promise. partly because i noticed that with jeff going vegetarian, he seems to be eating mostly carbs which now scares the daylights out of me since being diagnosed with gestational diabetes; but mostly because i’m full-blown filipino. those last three words alone should pretty much explain it all.

and besides, i figured i’d rather be a flexitarian instead, which isn’t really a form of vegetarianism. it’s a term used for people who eat mostly vegetarian food without necessarily depriving themselves of meat once in a while which perfectly describes my diet all these years. so, yeah, i’d rather stick with that.

what i will try to earnestly avoid, though, is milk and milk products. although i kind of blew that one too because the lemon cheesecake we had was divine! same goes for the baked potato with gooey melted cheese that my sister ordered.

why do they make all the supposedly bad stuff so good, anyway?!

i should stop watching netflix documentaries. one more and i swear i’m going to be a DMT-awakened vegetarian hippie cultivating marijuana and vegetables in my garden, as well as peace and love in my heart for all creatures big and small.

cheese and wine food truck festival, prestoncheese and wine food truck festival, prestoncheese and wine food truck festival, prestoncheese and wine food truck festival, preston

so, yeah, if food trucks are your thing, head to the food truck park in preston. we live somewhere in the southeast so it was a bit of a drive for us but it was worth it. i’d give it maybe 3 and a half stars.

i browsed through their website and apparently, they’re coming to frankston beach on the 12th-16th of october so that’s definitely something to look forward to while waiting for summer to roll in.

cheese and wine food truck festival, preston

as usual, jeff went rollerblading afterwards to burn his wheels and fats off. i told him i wanted to take his photo because i reckon he looked nice. i mean, he doesn’t look homeless, for a change.

yep, a homeless-looking dude in an $800 pair of blades. go figure.

cheese and wine food truck festival, preston

our baby at 4 months old. she’s very noisy now, although we’re still experimenting on what tickles her fancy just to earn those angelic laughter.


i’m her mom. what did you expect me to say? of course i’m biased!

*raven at 4 months old

10 thoughts on “cheese & wine food truck festival

    1. thanks, lars. =) all babies are cute, i reckon, pero syempre, mas cute jud akong anak kay ako baya ang mama! hahahaha. =p

      how’s your own cutie?

      1. na, dili tanan babies cute oi and i never say anything to those babies who aren’t cute according to my cuteness meter ๐Ÿ˜€
        my own cutie is going to be 8 na on november – tiguwang na ko ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  1. So many food trucks in Preston. Lol at the misleading cheese and wine lineup. I’m sure any cheese and wine there was delicious. Like you, I don’t think I can fully go vegetarian. As much as I have a soft sport for animals, I don’t think I can fully go vegetarian either. I love my meat and I love a good juicy cheesy beef burger any day. And I love my ham sandwiches too. But I do try to have meatless meals at least once a week ๐Ÿ™‚

    Your photos of Jeff are very good. Very good ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. i feel your sentiments with regards to going vegetarian. i like my meat too. whenever i eat meat, i just silently pray and thank the animal for its sacrifice to nourish my body. that way i can somehow appease my guilt. lol.

      and besides, i figured when i’m dead, the maggots will be feasting on me too and so the cycle continues. omigod, i sound so morbid.

      on a happy note, yes, i noticed that there are, indeed, a lot of food trucks around preston. aside from the food truck park we went to, there was another one similar to it as well. i don’t know what it’s called as we just passed by it.

    1. i loved el2’s outfit too. ingon sha pina parisian daw iyang peg para mo-go with the wine and cheese theme. lol. she’s funny.

      raven’s so ki-at now. i have to keep an eye on her when she’s sleeping on the bed/cot kay lihokan na kaayo. mama na kaayo ko paminawon? lol.

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