happy fathers’ day, jeffy! =)

putting aside my being a grammar asshole because for the life of me, i always get stuck on where to put the apostrophe — is it father’s as in singular? or fathers’ as in all the dads in australia? (because as far as i know, the rest of the dads in the world celebrated their day last june.)



i can hear you snore behind me so i’m sneaking this in for you to read when you’re in your, um, office later. nothing like having a look at photos of you and your daughter while you’re taking a shit to make you go sentimental as.

thank you for being such a wonderful dad. i know i tell you that every chance i get but i figured it would be a good evidence to have it here in writing when you complain i don’t praise you as much as i praise duterte.

but, yeah, you’re a really, really awesome dad. i can see the love you have for raven every time you look at her or talk to her or talk to me about her and your eyes get watery like you suddenly wanna cry right then and there that i just wanna hug you but i don’t because i’m too busy eating my weet-bix.

raven’s very lucky to have you as her father. seriously. the amount of love and protection i know you’re gonna give her would be something that she will always cherish for the rest of her life.

and, yes, she loves you so much too. she’d tell you that if she could but at the moment, all that comes out are dribbles so that would have to do for now.


*raven at 4 months old

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