read between the lines

i call you a fossil when, really, i should say i love your wisdom.

i tell you you probably have undiagnosed ADHD but what i really wanna say is that i admire your enthusiasm and your passion in everything you put your heart and soul into.

even if it involves picking up rollerblading again at 34 and doing all those stunts that leave your knees and elbows with cuts and bruises that you bitch about as soon as soon as you get home. but who are we kidding? i know that you know that we both know that secretly, you’re damn proud of them because they’re like trophies that you’ve collected, and even earned, on your attempts at perfecting your rollerblading skills.

and besides, i saw you taking a selfie of your battered knees. you lying on the bed with your legs propped up and your phone set in position for the perfect shot. the perfect angle. i told you you looked ridiculous. you just laughed it off before proceeding to post it on instagram. i still double tapped your uploaded image anyway.

because i love the way your eyes light up when you talk about how much you love rollerblading.

i tell you your eyes look big and funny.

i love the way your whole face just fucking glows when you share with me how your wednesday skate nights went.

i tell you you have such a small monggos face.

but it’s not just about skating, though. i love how much love you have for everything and everyone you love.

and for that, i’m left speechless.

happy birthday, fossil fuel.

p.s. as for your early birthday present, you’re welcome.

p.p.s. i can “re-wrap” her for you but that would mean shoving her back into my uterus so… nevermind.

jeff and raven

*raven at birth

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