when you meet somebody special and you simply have no clue. aka my corniest title ever.

i’m not very good with dates. monthsaries and all those other days which are supposed to be tattooed to your brain for safekeeping and annual celebrations escape me. if i do remember them, well and good. if not, then it’s just another number on the calendar whose significance randomly pops in and out of my head when my neurons bother to retrieve such memories.

but today is the 6th of april and for some reason, i am reminded of this same day 3 years ago and meeting jeff for the very first time.

funny how you can never really tell that the person you just met would happen to be somebody you’d end up spending the rest of your life with, fattening each other up through the years.

jeff & janjeff & janjeff & jan

12 thoughts on “when you meet somebody special and you simply have no clue. aka my corniest title ever.

  1. Happy anniversary! So happy that the two of you found each other. The first shot is a very random shot. Lol, strolling in the carpark together πŸ˜€ Generally, I’m quite good with dates as I like to plan and I like remember what happened when and where.

    Agree with your third paragraph. I don’t think too much of it when I meet someone new or bump into someone. If they are meant to be in my life, then the stars will align and we will meet again πŸ™‚

    1. You make a wonderful and thoughtful girlfriend, mabel. I know some people who really try to make special dates special and make them memorable somehow. I think that is very nice. I just don’t know how you can keep up with it if there’s heaps of special events to remember. Lol.

      And yes to star alignments! I believe in that too. Everything happens for a reason. 😊

      1. When you mentioned girlfriend, I was wondering you meant a girl friend of a female friend or girlfriend of a guy πŸ˜€ Probably the latter. I am a very fussy person with high standards. I pity all guys who are by my side.

        When the stars align and you are meant to be in a certain place with someone, it’s such a great feeling. Like a one in the million, magic kind of feeling πŸ™‚

        1. yep, i meant the latter. but now that you mentioned it, i think it’s sweet to be sweet to your girlfriends too by remembering special days. my friends and i used to celebrate friendship anniversaries. i miss that.

          high standards are pretty common especially when you’re young. based on my experience, all i can say is, at the end of the day, be with someone who loves you and who treats you right. someone you would do the same for. it’s not gonna be perfect but you’ll be happy.

          omg, emo much? lol. sorry.

          1. Haha. Love is complex, and agree with you that perfection is an ideal. I’m very picky with the people I choose to be around with, girl or guy – it’s all in the personality and the way they treat others around them πŸ˜€

  2. awww… it isn’t even corny!!! πŸ™‚ when are those hormones going to really kick in for shameful posts? hehe. you two are lucky to find each other. maybe jeff is luckier cos kita man ang friends, sorry jeff. πŸ˜€ but you both got something for keeps. keep on keep on. praying for more fruitful and wonderful years ahead.

    1. hahahaha! you’re just hanging for those hormone-induced, shamefully juicy posts, aren’t you? lol. i pray that day doesn’t happen. (settle down, hormones!)

      thanks, geng. all i can say is, it’s nice to have somebody you can trust. hahahahaha. is that juicy enough for you or do you want me to write another post to expound on the reasons behind such statement? lol.

      okay, enough said! hahahhahahahha

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