tulip festival: in memory of the tulip bulbs i uprooted in our front yard thinking they were weeds

tulip festivaltulip festival

in my defense, it was an honest mistake. and i plead guilty of ignorance. i didn’t know any better.

and now, looking at all these tulip photos makes me regret doing so big time. but then again, what more can i do? what’s done is done. they were probably bound to die anyway because it never even occurred to me to water them. because, again, who the fuck waters weeds?!

oh, yep. that would be me. ages ago when i planted weeds (you know those flowering kind that grow by the rivers?) and they. all. freaking. died.


that was the beginning and the end of my botanical journey, pretty much. however, the lemon tree jeff and i planted (okay, fine, it was mainly jeff who did all the digging and the planting BUT i was there too. even if it was just to take a picture of him doing so.) late last year looks promising so we’ll see how it goes. crossing my fingers on that one.

tulip festivaltulip festivaltulip festival

so, anyway, jeff and i went to the tesselaar tulip festival in october of last year and it was nice to see rows upon rows of tulips of different colors and kinds blooming under the sun. my mom would have loved to see it. even your grandma would have loved to see it. a lot of people went. a lot of selfies were taken, that much i can assure you.

but jeff and i, we’re not really into selfies. mainly because we’re into full-blown photoshoots it’s ridiculous. all we needed were a couple of lights and reflectors and we would have looked like assholes. lol.

tulip festival

my favorite were the dark purple ones. because they look so goth. an aubergine rebellion against all the bright and happy-looking tulips. it’s probably the kind of flower morticia addams would go for. i always tease jeff that if i were morticia, he’d be uncle fester. just as he always teases me for looking like a pug which does not relate to the addams family at all so what the hell am i saying?!

tulip festival

on the weekend that we went, the festival had an irish theme, which basically translates to leprechaun statues and irish food stalls.

funny enough, we went for turkish food. i forgot what it was called but it was pretty good, not to mention healthy. they make your orders from scratch, and in a traditional way, to boot. it was quite fascinating to see how they made our spinach and cheese pastry. i was still about 3 months pregnant then so i wasn’t really much into food yet. the ravenous pregnancy-related appetite they were talking about kicked in at around 20 weeks. (hello, hungry jack’s cheeseburger meal with frozen coke!) prior to that, i felt like i could survive 2 days without eating. like, seriously. and it wasn’t even because of morning sickness either because i never had it. *knock on wood*

tulip festivaltulip festivaltulip festival

it was fun catching up with jeff’s cousin and her friends as well. we all speak the same dialect so there were a lot of banters and jokes that went around aside from the conversations catching up on each other’s lives. some asking me about my pregnancy. charles telling me he’d want to get pregnant as well, if only he had a uterus. he’s such a funny guy.

rizza’s baby reminded me so much of my niece, aeva, and how i used to make up all these stories about fairies and ponies flying all the way to ponyland for the fairy festival. our stories became so intricate and so intense that my older sister asked me to tone it down a bit because aeva started talking about going outside the house to see if it was full moon already so she can join the fairy festival. (i sent her a handcrafted fairy invite via snail mail.) gawd, i miss her.

anyway, to cap this post off, remember when i said jeff and i don’t really do selfies? well, here’s our glorified version of it:

tulip festivaltulip festivaltulip festivaltulip festival

it must suck to be a photographer sometimes. jeff takes beautiful photos with an eye for angles and composition and dynamic range and all that jazz. he does some mean editing too but it puzzles him why i never use them much on this blog.  (i do. it’s just that sometimes, i kind of like my blog and my pictures look “homemade,” you know what i mean?)

anyhow, he liked this photo of me tossing the hat in the air, capturing both the hat and the action within the frame. he instructed me to take a similar photo of him doing the same but well, you know, shit happens.

*11 weeks pregnant

7 thoughts on “tulip festival: in memory of the tulip bulbs i uprooted in our front yard thinking they were weeds

  1. Hahaha, almost looking like assholes 😀 But who cares how much you want to pose! Those are brilliant shots, and Jeff is very goofld with the colour ones. The tulips look so bright 😍

    1. Jeff and his poses, man! We crack each other up with our feeler model poses as if we’re making a career out of it. 😂

      Oh, the tulips were beautiful, mabel. I can just imagine how much maintenance it required to keep it looking and blooming the way it did. But to be honest, i think the $24 admission was pretty steep considering that that was pretty much all there was to it. But what can you do, huh? Welcome to australia! Lol.

    1. Thanks, vivienne! I enjoy going through your posts too and looking at your outfits. You have a really nice taste in fashion.


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