how my valentine’s day went down

it’s not that i think that valentine’s day is bullshit. it’s just that i reckon it’s highly overrated. commercialized, even. although i have to admit that i did buy jeff a card the day before simply because i saw all these cute, cheap cards sold at the market and i thought, “for a dollar and fifty, hey, why not?”

except that i totally forgot about it and only remembered when we got home on the night of the 14th and valentine’s day was almost over. i didn’t want my card to go to waste. i had to hurriedly write some incoherent message which basically thanked him for being such a wonderful husband and for falling in love with me first which pretty much started the ball rolling. although if you were to hear it from him, he’d insist that i made the first move. which i will neither confirm nor deny.

but still.

so, no, we didn’t have the typical valentine’s day most normal couples had. instead, we went to st. kilda festival so (1) he could go rollerblading; (2) el2 can check out the bands playing; and (3) i can get my day’s worth of exercise. (seriously, i reckon i clocked in a week’s worth with all that walking!)

but mostly so he could go rollerblading. his newfound addiction which i totally support because i can see that it makes him happy. so much so that i took the liberty of decorating his green helmet with stickers. it’s so gay. love it.

st. kilda festival

so, yeah, st. kilda festival was packed! it reminded me of sinulog, with the streets closed to traffic and everyone walking freely, all dressed up like they were going to coachella. something melbourne’s weather was kind enough to allow on that day. 24 degrees or something.

there were buskers and puppeteers and ladies on stilts. not to mention the food stalls and the shops selling whatever that catches your fancy. like the $5 nepalese headwraps that caught ours.

however, unlike sinulog, the whole venue was still pretty much clean. something my sister and i observed. every once in a while, cleaners would be sweeping out random rubbish left on the pathways or on the streets. which weren’t really much considering how most people are very disciplined when it comes to chucking out their trash. also, it helps that there were rubbish bins everywhere so there’s really no excuse why you can’t walk a few steps to do it. (st. kilda festival sounding so hip and here i am talking about the general sanitation of the event. geez.)

all in all, it was a good exercise for me. that’s all i can say. because to be honest, walking was pretty much all i did, aside from eating. my sister watched some bands perform by the beach though while jeff went rollerblading and i found myself a sweet spot to read my book when i wasn’t distracted people-watching.

once in a while the smell of marijuana wafted from somewhere. which, ironically, makes st. skilda festival as a music festival more legit.

st. kilda festivalst. kilda festivalst. kilda festivalst. kilda festival

*29 weeks pregnant

12 thoughts on “how my valentine’s day went down

    1. miga jud ta geng! kita-kita ray mag ilad sa each other. but thank you, though. kahibaw ko gi mean jud na nimo. lol.

      pero payter kaayo noh? at last, ka level na jud ta and maka relate na jud ko ninyo ni gilat. =D

  1. Well, better late than never with the card! I’m sure Jeff appreciated it and you wrote a lovely message for him πŸ™‚ Wow, that is quite a lot of people down at the St Kilda Festival last week. I thought about going but didn’t in the end because I really didn’t want to put up with all the walking! In the photos of himself, Jeff looks like a poser, trying to be a model. Not to say your husband isn’t good looking… πŸ˜€

    1. i have to say it was A LOT of walking! not to mention we had to park far away from where the event was because we had no other choice. i don’t know if you really missed out much, unless your favorite bands played during the festival. i think most of the really good/popular ones were scheduled to go on stage at night. but there was this band that i liked there too. i didn’t know them but their music was nice.

      and yeah, jeff can be such a poser in pictures. lol. he’s funny like that. probably wants to take advantage of the rare times he gets to be in front of the camera for a change.

      hey, speaking of melbourne events, did you go to white night?

      1. I did go to White Night. There were no projections on Flinders Street Station this year, but everyone stood there like stone waiting for it to happen. Very, very packed. Didn’t felt like there were too many lights to see, though I’d say the art and story behind them all was very meaningful.

        1. I had to ask because another friend said the same thing. You know, that there were not as many lights this year compared to the previous years. It’s too bad they didn’t light up flinders street station. I thought it was a no-brainer that they’d include one of melbourne’s iconic buildings.

          1. The only reasons I think they didn’t light up Flinders Street Station are 1) human congestion and safety, and 2) it would be expensive. Also, there were quite a few buskers along Swanston Street and people were crowding around everywhere on the tram tracks. That made it so hard and slow to walk through Swanston Street. If they had placed the entertainers in the Bourke Street Mall, then it would have helped.

            Will be interesting to see how the organisers will approach next year’s White Night.

            1. yeah, true. last time i was there, swanston street was packed to its gills! i didn’t wanna brave all that crowd so i settled to standing on the steps of st. paul cathedral and watching the lights change colors on flinders street station building before deciding to call it a night. if i remember correctly, they lit up that building where h&m is but i don’t remember bourke st to be that packed. this was about 2 years ago. that was enough white night melbourne experience for me, as far as i’m concerned.

    1. Hahahaha. In a way, it is. Remember the news about how this wife assaulted her husband because he didn’t get her anything for valentine’s day? That was crazy. Sometimes i really don’t get what all the fuss is about, to be honest.

      So how did your valentine’s day go?

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