an early christmas dinner

i’m really bad with names so you’ll have to forgive me for quoting something that someone whose name i can’t remember said. i can’t even assure you that the quote is spot-on, as i tend to summarize every information that comes my way into bite-sized pieces that can easily be stored and retrieved in my head. i mean, that’s just how my brain operates. i’ve had my fair share of hits and misses as far as memorization goes.

but anyway, i remember watching this video about some businessman talking about work and success. and at one point, he said, “in your early 20’s, look for a good boss.” or something like that. going on to explain about how, at that stage in your life, you need a mentor who would help you develop good work ethics and who would inspire you to be successful in your chosen career. that healthy attitude provides you with a positive mindset later on in life, whichever path you take.

sadly, i’m way past that stage now. and i wish i was more mature in my early 20’s to know the things that i know now. but i guess some things unravel before you when the universe feels like you’re ready for them. everything in its own place and time, they say. i’m just glad that i found in my early 30’s the thing that i should have found in my early 20’s. and that is having a wonderful mentor at work with equally wonderful workmates who have been very supportive and welcoming since day 1.

i have to say that working here in australia is very different from my experiences working back home. here, the focus isn’t about getting the highest scores. it’s about learning. it’s about reflecting on the things you’ve learned and applying them. it’s not about knowing everything. sometimes, it’s about admitting that there are some things you might not be very familiar with but having an open mind to ask and/or educate yourself about it. and then sharing that knowledge with others so they, too, can provide their own inputs, thus enriching not only yourself but other people as well. and i like that.

i know i’ve only worked with these people for a short time but my experience with them is something that i will always cherish and appreciate, wherever my career would take me.

DEC christmas dinnerDEC christmas dinnerDEC christmas dinnerDEC christmas dinner

*18 weeks pregnant

7 thoughts on “an early christmas dinner

  1. All of you look like a happy family! Looks like a very supportive team you have there. I feel what you say about working in Australia, and have had some good bosses over the last few years. They are always happy to show me how to do new things on the job, and when I make a mistake they don’t berate me over it. It’s always all good – just be prepared to learn as you said ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. oh, they are very supportive, alright. i’m truly grateful for the opportunity to work with them.

      having had the experience of studying and working in the philippines, i have to say that the learning and working environment here is so much nicer in so many ways. =)

    1. thank you. i did try to google his name but it’s kind of hard to get a decent result when you only have a vague quote to work with.

      i presume you’re still young so there’s plenty of time to find your own mentor. i hope that when you do, you would learn everything that you can and build a solid foundation for your future. have a great day, ariane! =)

  2. Hi Jewey! I’m not sure if my first comment was submitted. Third world country problems, poor internet connection hahaha

    I was about to say Jack Ma too ๐Ÿ™‚ He’s one smart guy I admire.

    You are lucky to land in a working environment that values learning. I firmly believe that learning should come first before achieving. If a company embraces the culture of learning, I believe everything else will fall on the right place. Everything else, including success, follows when everyone sees the relative importance of learning.

    As for the custaroons, you can find details here

    Thank you for the bday greetings and wishing you the merriest Christmas!

    PS YOu have a nice blog. I love the name. Keep writing!

    1. hey, i like that. “learning should come first before achieving.” that’s a good idiom.

      i checked out the custaroon website. i can imagine it must be really good because the description of it sounds so good that i checked out the shops that sell them. they would make a nice christmas present to friends. apparently, they don’t have it yet in cebu so… bummer.

      anyhow, wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful christmas! =)

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