filipino fiesta. (i went there for the food. why else?)

sure, i expected it to be packed. but i did not expect it to be packed. you know what i mean? all these filos gathered together with their families at the royal exhibition building it would be crazy if you get lost with no mode of communication whatsoever to contact your family or friends.

filipino fiesta

and i left my phone in the car. just totally forgot about it.

i know, i know. it was a dumb thing to do and shit happens and jeff said something which i thought wasn’t very nice. in a way, his remark might be justified given the circumstances but he could’ve just sugarcoated it in a “i find your forgetfulness so charming i could cheerfully strangle you right now” kind of way instead of bluntly declaring “that is so stupid!” the latter sounds too brash. i like my scolding to at least be riddled with poetry. do not just dhalsim me with callous monosyllabic words. although i have to admit it sure gets the scathing message across loud and clear in less than 5 seconds flat.

which is exactly what happened once we were inside the building and i just found out my phone wasn’t in my bag and the sugar daddy in him wasn’t exactly very happy about it. my pregnant hormones wasn’t very happy with what he said either so i waged a silent protest.

filipino fiesta

until i smelled pork barbecue which i know for a fact has been marinated in a pinoy-style sauce because there’s no way i cannot not identify that aroma. it smelled really good that it got me hungry from 0 to 10 just like that!

i decided to postpone my war against the husband. partly because i love him too much, and mainly because he was buying me lunch. i couldn’t afford to screw it over some measly argument. i’m proud to say as far as marriage is concerned, i got my priorities on fleek: freshly-grilled filipino-style pork barbecue which comes in a set of steaming hot rice is more important than pride. the fight can wait when you’re nice and full and when you have enough energy to really go hard at it in fighting for your cause. or in this case, my principles.

now, this is the part where i say barbecue can really save a marriage. because it was soooooo good i actually forgot i was mad at him. and also because i wanted another serving. plus, he was holding a cup of halo-halo in one hand and lechon in another. at that point, i voluntarily signed my peace treaty.

and the rest of the day turned out pretty well. =)

filipino fiestafilipino fiesta

i should tell you what the filo fiesta was about but it’s very self-explanatory. there were cultural dances there and some expo going on showcasing filipino products, as well as performances from several filipino artists (both local and international. i missed mikey bustos. i love that guy.). not to mention the food.

filipino fiesta

as it’s a big filo gathering, of course you’re bound to see your fellow filo friends. (hey, i like the sound of that!) i don’t really have that many friends here yet, to be honest, but i did run into mia, one of my sister’s friends. the rest are just people i know through jeff. and the rest who know jeff know him through his mom.

all in all, i reckon it was probably a successful event for the organizers. my only comment is that there ought to be more food stalls next time. because the queues were ridiculously long and the wait took forever! jeff even had to wait 20 minutes for his banana-cue. 20 minutes! for a banana-cue!

we pretty much had to work out a strategy to get our food: i lined up for one food stall and he lined up for another. 10 minutes later and i was still in the same spot where he left me, he comes back holding a cup of halo-halo and takeaway lechon. i was shocked. “how did you get them so quick?!”

“oh, i know the owner,” he casually replied.

and that, my friends, is filipino corruption at its grass roots. lol. well played, dude. =p

filipino fiesta

*18 weeks pregnant

6 thoughts on “filipino fiesta. (i went there for the food. why else?)

  1. BBQ meat! Glad you enjoyed it! For me, it depends. I don’t always like BBQ. If it’s pork, very rarely will I like it and if the sauce is too sweet, that won’t float my boat either. I didn’t know there was a Filipino festival here the other day. It looks good and the weather great 😀

    1. the weather was perfect for it! i was sweating a bit in my armpits that i was like, “yep, this sure feels like the philippines, alright!”

      filipinos like their sauces sweet. even our spaghetti sauce is sweet. that’s probably why we’re sweet. hahahaha. but yeah, as far as i know, filos in melbourne celebrate the festival annually so we could all be homesick together. =D

  2. BBQ, halo-halo, lechon and banana-Q, these are also the same things I would gladly receive from my husband as peace offering (even if he’s not at fault). 🙂 Murag alegre pod kaayo inyong fiesta diha, just like our fiestas here.

    1. omg, you had me at lechon!!! the ultimate peace offering. hahahaha.

      yeah, the fiesta was fun. daghan man sad diay mga pinoy dinhi, although maybe not that many bisayas.

      but to be honest? nothing beats our fiestas there. i wanna go home just for the food! lol.

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