no, this is not a pregnancy update.

someday i’d probably regret not posting enough about my pregnancy journey.


probably not.

right now, i just feel like it’s a very private thing. and at 15 weeks, i still feel my entire face burning when people ask me how far along i am and all the obligatory questions they feel they should ask a pregnant woman.

for the record, i don’t like being the center of attention. it flusters me.

also, i found i don’t like it when people suddenly touch the bloated area where my abs used to be. lol on abs. but seriously, i get very territorial when it comes to my personal space so the whole belly-touching thing is something i would rather people NOT do, thank you very much.

every pregnancy is different, that much i’ll admit is true. while some women are experiencing the full force of their hormones, i’m just here chillin’. they say i’m lucky to not be barfing every 5 minutes or so and i guess i am lucky in that aspect. what i have though, most of the time, is the lack of appetite. sometimes, i feel like i could go for days not eating. until, of course, hypoglycemia kicks in and i’m furiously slicing apples in the kitchen in what may look like a real-life adaptation of fruit ninja.

for what it’s worth, jeff is now eating for three so that should cover us as a family, nutrition-wise. he keeps saying he’s showing more than me. and he is. as sadistic as this sounds, i kinda enjoy listening to him complain about how his jeans or vests hardly fit anymore. not that i want him to go obese or anything. just, you know, it’s nice to know that we’re in this together. whether he likes it or not.

couvade syndrome. that’s what it’s called. it’s when the husband feels and looks more pregnant than his pregnant wife. it’s a very loose definition so believe me at your own risk.

we don’t know yet if we’re having a boy or a girl. a lot of women have told me that we must be having the latter, on account that i look blooming as hell which then makes me wonder — am i really that good with makeup or was i really that ugly?! either way, we won’t find out until our second ultrasound. as a matter of fact, we don’t even know if we actually wanna know so we’ll see how that goes.

as for our first ultrasound, it was quite surreal to see a tiny alien-looking creature on the screen. jeff was on his full-on geek mode, rattling on and on about the theory of sound waves, as well as other nerdy stuff he randomly dished out, to the poor technician trainee who was trying to concentrate which baby part is which while i struggled to make sense of the images morphing from one abstract figure to another.

it was probably the excitement of it all that made jeff seem like he just downed 5 bottles of red bull but if you know him like i know him, he gets really animated over things he’s totally passionate about. you can leave him alone on a bench and he’d probably start talking to the freaking bench with the same intensity as if that bench understands technology like he does.

i hate to admit this but sometimes, i am that bench. in a sense that i am equally just as inanimate.

he’d make a really awesome dad, jeff. i just know. he’d definitely excel as far as parenting is concerned. i mean, you can tell by the way he handled popit in this video.

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