doveton show

and so i came to a general conclusion that it’s pretty much the same anywhere in the world:

people enjoy going to fairs.

it’s probably that feeling of being a part of the bigger community. seeing something new. even if it’s the exact same event year in and year out. the same rides. the same food trucks. the same venue.

now, i have never been to the doveton show before so jeff decided to baptize me. said i should at least experience it even just once “for the love of dovey,” a term of endearment for one of victoria’s notorious suburbs. as a matter of fact, i once read in the local newspaper that a good chunk of the state’s 6,000+ prison population comes from good ‘ol dovey.

but it’s not as bad as it sounds though, i think. i mean, you probably heard a lot of bad rep about the philippines and while many of them may be true, it will always be home to me. (just make sure to stay away from certain areas and be hypervigilant when you find yourself in there.)

doveton showdoveton show

apparently, the doveton show has been an annual event for the last 11 years. i don’t really understand what the whole concept is all about, to be honest. maybe just to get the locals together or something.

it was alright. there wasn’t really anything there that piqued my interest although i did find myself caught in a rather educational conversation with a honey vendor which cost me $10 in exchange for a big tub of pure australian honey made right at his backyard.

doveton show

bees are intriguing creatures. on that day, i learned that queen bees can get kicked out of their throne too if the whole colony becomes unhappy of their, um, service. a coup d’état similar to that of the human society. there were a lot more interesting trivia he said but that’s the only thing that stuck because i honestly thought queen bees were queen bees forever. i never imagined that politics can be just as dirty in a beehive.

doveton showdoveton showdoveton show

the show also featured a lot of vintage stuff. the kind that wasn’t really to my palate because i didn’t even know what they were. jeff did, but that’s because not only is he a fossil, he has a pretty good grasp of how engines work even at its most basic state.

the vintage cars looked pretty cool to me but other than that, i saw how tedious it must have been to start one considering how they had to manually crank the engine up with a wrench thingie to bring it to life. well, that white car anyway where gramps had to give it a go several times before he finally got it up and running. it’s cute how he looked like a vintage aviator with his googles and helmet(?).

doveton show doveton show

as it was held at myuna farm, i got to pet some of the animals to make up for my disappointment in missing the goat milking demonstration. i’ve been there before so it wasn’t anything new. and we used to have pigs and turkeys and chickens in our backyard back home so that wasn’t new to me either. my mom used to raise a lot of farm animals. except for water buffalos. but i’m personally making it my mission to ride on one the next time i go back. that, and sinking my legs ankle-deep planting rice in muddy paddies. stuff i never got to do in my dad’s province because i was too busy eating fresh young coconut and riding on motorcycles designed to seat 2 people but re-engineered by the local folks to seat 6-8, depending on how cleverly the driver arranges his passengers. lol. i kid you not. my parents didn’t want me riding in them going to town but i was young and it was so much fun. kinda scary, but fun. nevermind your sore ass once you reach your destination.

*9 weeks pregnant

One thought on “doveton show

  1. Hahaha. Very funny to hear you describe Jeff as a fossil. He sounds like he knows a lot of things 😀 Fairs can certainly be fun, big or small. The animals are always an attraction – you don’t really know if they are happy or sad to see you until you pat them. Hope they didn’t give you a hard time 😀

    Such a great shot, the one with the bird flying over the barn. Well done to Jeff 😀

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