7 weeks later, here we are.

it’s funny how some things in my life happen real fast. moving to australia to study definitely started the ball rolling. which is more like an avalanche, really, if i think about it. i was told by this indian guy who once read my future out of the leftover grounds in my coffee cup that i had weak knees. that’s probably one of the reasons why i wasn’t able to run fast enough. the other minor reason is that i’m too fucking lazy to exercise. but either way, yeah, i found myself in melbourne’s city tram thinking, “i wanna raise my kids here.”

which caught me off guard the exact moment i thought of it because i was never one of those girls who dreamed about marriage and kids. my barbie went to work on a bicycle and always went home alone. but she had friends and her outfits rocked. the idea of settling down and actually popping babies weren’t exactly on top of my list. more like in the bottom, even — somewhere between doomsday and my own death, whichever comes first. that’s where it stood, as far as timeline goes.

but the universe is a cheeky little bitch. because then i met jeff and my so-called timeline became as erratic as the graph on a heart monitor attached to a patient in the throes of a violent ventricular fibrillation. we hooked up, i moved in, he proposed, i said yes. two years later, we got married.

and now we’re having a baby.

which, once again, caught me off guard because i just started working and changing diapers was probably the last thing on my mind. next to doomsday and all the prepping jeff feels we need to do because he’s a firm believer that the world’s demise would be in the form of an electromagnetic catastrophe.

digging a backyard tunnel and planting our own crops for survival might have to wait.

because first, he needs to build a nursery.

and as far as catastrophes go, my unpredictable manic-depressive shifts from one end of the mood spectrum to another like a fucking pendulum ought to be enough to keep him on his guard.

much more than watching for signs of the sun burning upon itself.

6 thoughts on “7 weeks later, here we are.

  1. Congratulations, that is great news! It sounds like a tumultuous time but I’m sure you will handle it like a champ. Life certainly is a rollercoaster ride and very much unpredictable…but that is why it’s never really a dull moment 😀 I am sure Jeff will be there to support you, being the nice guy that he is 😀 ❤

    1. it sure is tumultuous, alright! =) but yeah, jeff has been really supportive and everything. i couldn’t ask for more from a partner — says his psycho wife. lol.

      thanks, mabel. =)

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