pink has never been this pretty

spring flowers

it stands in the middle of our front yard, this tree. i don’t know what it’s called but right now, it’s the prettiest i’ve ever seen it. blossoming wildly in the beginnings of a warmer season. pink and white petals on the branches and on the ground. a beautiful confetti scattered on top of the grasses that badly needs jeff’s mowing.

spring is finally here.

i can’t wait to do up the yard my green thumb is itching. hahahaha. if you know me, you’d also know that’s the biggest joke ever. i don’t have a green thumb. i once planted weeds — weeds! — and they died. in spite of me watering them regularly and all that shit. (for the record, they were the kind of really nice-looking flowering weeds that grow near rivers so, no, i wasn’t crazy.)

but, yeah, the flowers at the front look so lovely they deserve a blog post. thank god i have a photographer husband who’s happy to go along with my request, on account that he just bought himself a sony A7R mark 2.

or should i say, THE SONY A7R MARK 2. in a morgan freeman voice. because apparently, in the world of cameras, sony’s killing it. you should hear jeff talk about this shit. if the topic won’t hold your interest, his unbridled enthusiasm definitely will. lol.

anyway, back to the pretty stuff:

spring flowersspring flowersspring flowersspring flowers

these photos were taken last sunday. he took some nice pictures around the neighborhood too ‘coz he went for a walk. ironic, because i was the one who bought a fitbit on that day to challenge me to take more steps and he was the one who went for a walk. go figure.


4 thoughts on “pink has never been this pretty

    1. sadly, the flowers are now slowly falling off the branches. nature is taking its course in its own time but i look forward to seeing them bloom like crazy again next winter.

      it’s interesting to know that you have a bird as a pet. is it one of those birds that you can train to talk?

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