love lock bridge

melbourne love lock bridge

if my sister hadn’t told me, i would have never known. and to think at the time, she’d been in melbourne for only what, a week?

apparently, southgate footbridge has played host to thousands of couples literally putting their love on lock; throwing away the keys into the yarra river below, never to be seen again.

i wonder if all of them are still together.

just as i wonder if those padlocks are still there. last i heard, the city council wanted to get rid of them as they were weighing the whole structure down and compromising the safety of the bridge.

according to the news, a nearby cafe was interested in displaying those locks but i don’t know what happened to that either. when my sister comes back here, maybe we’ll have a look again and see if they’re still there.

that was last autumn, after all.


4 thoughts on “love lock bridge

  1. I’ve been hanging around there quite a bit lately, and sad to say all the padlocks are gone 😦 Also haven’t seen a display in the area showcasing all of them. A few weeks ago, I saw someone put locks on there, but when I walked back last week, I don’t think they were there anymore :/

    1. that’s a shame. it was becoming a tourist attraction. but the council does have a point, though.

      i hope they’d do something creative with those locks. that would be something interesting to look forward to. =)

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