wearing reymund claridad

i’ve always been supportive of reymund, not only because he’s my friend’s younger brother but because i can really see his talent and his passion in fashion design. the kid dresses better than me, for crying out loud! and who wouldn’t find those dimples and that laughter adorable? seriously, he’s definitely one of those people you’d wanna spend an afternoon and have coffee with because he’s just so funny and so full of chikas. so what if you’re not into coffee? his company more than makes up for it.

trust me, i know. that starbucks afternoon girlie and i shared with him years ago was definitely one for the books. my jaw hurt from laughing too much.

so, anyway, right before i left for australia, he gave me one of his creations. a dress i saw on his facebook that made me go, “wow! that is a very nice dress!”

“you want it?” he asked. “maybe you can wear it after your wedding or something.”

long story short, i grabbed his offer because i’d be crazy not to. hand carried it all the way from cebu to singapore to melbourne just so i wouldn’t ruin it, knowing how much effort he had made in ironing it the night before he gave it to me. not to mention how he painstakingly sewed it himself, some elements of it he had to glue or stitch by hand.

seriously, it is a really nice dress. the closest to haute couture as i could get. now, bear in mind that when i first saw a photo of the dress, a tall, skinny model with killer legs was wearing it so of course it looked fucking amazing.

i just hope i did his dress justice, though. lol. i did promise him i’d ask jeff to do a photoshoot of me wearing it. last sunday, we finally did.

reymund claridad dressreymund claridad dressreymund claridad dressreymund claridad dress

as it was a beautiful warm and sunny day in melbourne last week (a glorious 24 degrees, baby!), jeff and i decided to take advantage of the weather and the fact that i was all dolled up. (i sure as hell didn’t wake up like that. prior to that shoot, i looked and felt like shit. because, you know, hormones.) anyhow, the princess-y dress magically transformed me from an ugly frog to a decent-looking human being. now that’s something! i bet reymund’s creations can have that effect on you too. not that i’m implying you’re ugly or anything.

so, yeah, jeff and i… #losers

reymund claridad dressreymund claridad dressreymund claridad dressreymund claridad dressreymund claridad dressreymund claridad dress

*8 weeks pregnant

8 thoughts on “wearing reymund claridad

    1. hahaha. the internet is a good place to start. i find myself looking at photos on the internet for inspiration sometimes although i wish a sense of style came naturally to me as it does to others.

      i heard germany’s cold pretty much all the time (same with melbourne). are you having problems with layering? ‘coz i sure as hell am! lol.

  1. Beautiful! The dress looks lovely on you. Oh wait, it works both ways. You make the dress look lovely. 🙂 And I love your photos, especially the one where you’re looking up the window.

    1. thanks, milai. it is a very pretty dress. nada ra ko sa kahig. lol. i don’t even know if you speak bisaya, but i presumed you do. on account of your plantation bay pics and all. hehe.

      how’s cebu, by the way? i miss lechon. =(

  2. I enjoy this fashion story and adore your princess dress! It’s rather special indeed. Glad that you add some romance – with your husband in the shoot – to it! So lovely~

    Vivienne X

    1. it is a very special dress. i reckon the designer will go far because he really has the potential to make it big in the fashion industry. i’m so proud of him.

      thanks for stopping by, vivienne. have a nice day! =)

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