werribee open range zoo

the night before, jeff and i were arguing if lions are actually cats. i mean, you know, same way tigers are considered cats? i stubbornly insisted that lions belong to the lion family. like they are their own brand or something.

“how can you not know this?!” he asked incredulously.

“google it!” i challenged him, mentally crossing my fingers he’s wrong and i’m right.

he was right. jeez, he’s such a nerd. #bitter

“and do you know hippos practically live underwater?” he added rather matter-of-factly. i kind of had a feeling he was rubbing it in and secretly enjoying every minute of it. this is a guy who can differentiate dinosaurs by their names, for crying out loud! the only dinosaur name i know of is littlefoot from “the land before time.”

gotta give it to the dude. i have no choice.

anyway, the reason we were talking about animals was because i was going to the zoo the next day with kb and her family. for the record, our conversations are not always geeky like that. we usually discuss light topics such as global warming, the hypocrisies of the american government, the plight of syrian refugees and its consequences on world economy, etc. nothing that would make ordinary brains explode. like i said, light stuff.

werribee open range zoo

so the moment i saw this gorilla, i couldn’t resist the urge to call and tell him, “your twin brother very close relative said hi.” partly out of spite for the night before, and partly to ask how to operate his friggin’ camera which he was kind enough to lend me.

speaking of cameras, at the risk of sounding like jeff, i must admit that i enjoyed using the sony a7 because of its lightness. of course i still shoot in auto because that’s just how i roll. but it wasn’t when i started editing that i got to fully appreciate the camera for the quality of its pictures.

i’m not saying that the pictures i took are up there on a professional level. all i’m saying is, it exceeded my standards.

i don’t have very high standards.

werribee open range zoo

inclusive of the $31.60 ticket is a safari tour where you get to see different kinds of grassland animals from far away a safe distance. the place is HUGE! i’m talking 550+ acres huge. i may not have an idea of how big an acre is but 550 acres pretty much sounds like the whole island of cebu to me so yes, i reckon it’s a really really big land area for a zoo to occupy on. the animals run wild and free. (well, sort of.)

werribee open range zoo

i’m surprised they didn’t offer binoculars to their guests. you couldn’t really see the rhinos from this distance. or most of the animals, for that matter. however, the truck does move in somewhat closer to them at some point. otherwise, this is pretty much what you’ll see. well, it was pretty much how i saw it anyway. (although it must have been worse for kb. not only is she near-sighted but she also left her glasses in the car. lol. talk about blurry!)

if the succeeding pictures look like i’m up close and personal with the animals, that’s because i cropped the hell out of them. and they still ended up sharp so make that another reason why i’m loving the sony camera more. it has something to do with the megapixels, i reckon. whatever. ask jeff.

werribee open range zoowerribee open range zoowerribee open range zoowerribee open range zoo

on this safari tour, the guide said we were lucky to catch the hippos during their feeding. it’s rare to find them on land, she said. said that they’re immersed in water 80% percent of the time because they don’t have sweat glands so it’s their way of keeping themselves cool. although personally, i don’t know why they have to bother considering how cold melbourne can be. must be those fats. who knows?

werribee open range zoowerribee open range zoo

now, for my million-dollar question: are zebra stripes white on black or black on white? because sometimes, they look freakin’ brown to me.

werribee open range zoowerribee open range zoo werribee zoo5werribee open range zoo

after the tour, we followed the walking trail to see more of their animals. again, from afar. african wild dogs, ostriches, kangaroos, lions, etc. animals whose pictures you won’t see in here because, f*ck it, even the sony gave up trying zooming in in vain.

oh, and that last picture up there? i don’t know if you can see it but those are actually koalas. my first time to ever see koalas and it had to feel like i was looking for waldo.

so, no, technically, as far as i’m concerned, i have not seen a koala. like, ever.

werribee open range zoowerribee open range zoowerribee open range zoo

but the meerkats made up for it, though. it’s just weird how they seem so small and so different compared to the meerkat commercial i see on tv. i expected them to be bigger.

werribee open range zoo

i know, some people aren’t really comfortable with the idea of supporting zoos because they take away the animals from their natural habitat and enclose them in fences. but i think that only applies to those zoos which do not have the proper facility and a decent amount of space for the animals to move around in.

in fairness to werribee zoo, they promote the conservation of animals that might have gone extinct if not for their successful breeding and recovery programs. in the grand scheme of things, i think that’s better than nothing.

*9 weeks pregnant

6 thoughts on “werribee open range zoo

  1. Looks like you had a great time at the Werribee zoo. I haven’t been to Werribee Open range zoo but I hear it’s much more bigger than Melbourne Zoo, with more animals running all over the place and you can get close to them… Your cropping is very good. I’m not a fan of it because of the pixalation 😀

    I love zoos. My favourite section of the zoo is the monkeys 🙂

    1. it helps to have a good zoom camera when visiting big zoos and the animals look like they’re from a hundred miles away. i got lucky with some of the shots. the others, i was like, nevermind.

      i haven’t been to melbourne zoo yet. i’m hoping to go there in summer when the weather’s perfect for it because when we went to werribee zoo, half the time i was freezing my butt off! lol. (yes, i still have a problem with layering. haha.)

    1. considering the size of the land, i wouldn’t be surprised if i’d see dinosaurs in there. it’s huuuuge!!! i guess i was just so used to cebu zoo. lol. but i liked cebu zoo too. i enjoyed my visit there. have you been there lately?

      1. Hi Jewey,

        Cebu Zoo? The last time I’ve been there was when I was 12 years old, and bati na kaayo to. A blogger friend of mine went there a few months ago and said the place is horrible! Trash everywhere, maltreated animals, etc. That place needs to be closed down na gyud.

        1. that’s sad. they just need more funding, i think. true, the cages were small and the place looked pretty run down but i reckon the caretakers there were wonderful. i mean, i could see that they really cared for the animals. they just had to make do with the limited budget that the government provided for them. =\

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