because valentine’s day isn’t just for lovers

it all started with 50 shades of grey. the movie. one of the longest movies i’ve seen in my life which had me choking on my popcorn when i wasn’t rolling my eyeballs over the exaggerated facial expression of ana, particularly when mr. grey touched her cheek on that very first day they met. (jeez. do women actually do that?!) frankly, i’m not crazy about the movie. i haven’t even read the book. never crossed my mind to do so. the only reason i found myself sitting there at dandenong reading cinemas the night before valentine’s day was ‘coz it was sort of like a family bonding with jeff’s cousins and friends. and also because of the popcorn.

i’m not exactly sure if the movie damaged a part of our brains (with jeff complaining to the barista and asking him if he had seen “fifty shades of GAY” while waiting for his drink) but one thing led to another and before you know it, we were suddenly making plans to celebrate valentine’s day with a little dinner here at home.

so that was that.

valentine's day dinner

nothing fancy. just, you know, baked salmon and roasted chicken and fried pork and veggies and all that stuff you substitute for lechon for the simple fact that you’re not in the philippines anymore so lechon is out of the question. of course, as a salute to my newfound (and dare i say exceptional?) culinary skills, i made a significant contribution to the dinner table: mashed potatoes. very gourmet, i know. don’t hate me.

valentine's day dinnervalentine's day dinner

it was a very enjoyable dinner. somehow, even though i’m thousands of miles away from home, having jeff’s family around makes life here quite homey. they’re a loud bunch — sharing funny stories, mostly at nanay’s expense which she smiles off because she can barely hear. especially that. lol. but nanay is very well-loved. and i can’t help but love her too.

compared to his family, mine’s pretty much hush-hush. think quiet conversations while sipping on beer or wine, sharing ideas and opinions and thoughts about life. i know it all sounds boring (bordering on alcoholic) but that’s just how my family is and i love every moment of it. we’re kind of introverted like that. while jeff’s is more extroverted, minus the alcohol.

valentine's day dinner

spent the rest of the night with the girls in the bathroom. trying to resuscitate my so-called makeup skills on these girls who offered to be my guinea pigs. truth be told, i haven’t been practicing on doing makeup for a very long time. it was particularly hard to do kb’s. my eyes gravitated more towards her chest than on her face. lol. lesbo alert.

meanwhile in the lounge room, the guys watched a dvd of the the transformers before we called it a night at around 1am.

it was a happy valentine’s day, indeed. =)

p.s. apparently, stripes was the motif of the day. the others probably didn’t get the memo.

6 thoughts on “because valentine’s day isn’t just for lovers

  1. I love mashed potatoes, so I think I’d enjoy your dinner dish very much. I hope you made gravy too because that is always yummy 😉 It looks like a very happy gathering there at the table, everyone feeling very happy and full from the food! Looks like all of you were cooking together…well, at least the girls. Sometimes cooking is just as fun as eating the food 😀 ❤

    1. hi mabel!

      unfortunately, my “exceptional” culinary skills do not extend into gravies just yet so no gravy graced the dinner table that night. but it was, indeed, fun cooking together with the girls though. not to mention the makeup sesh after. hehe.

      how did your valentine’s day go? =)

      1. I am sure at some point you’ll be making gravy! Makeup sesh is always fun. Better put the makeup right on your face or else it might be hard to get off 😉

        My Valentines Day was just another day. I was busy writing 😀

  2. I’ve read the first book of 50 Shades even I knew I would hate it because I have a principle that if I hate something there should be some basis. And yeah, the book delivered, it’s the most sickening book I’ve ever read and I’m not even going to waste my money on watching it in theaters.

    Anyway, it seems like you guys had a happy Valentine. That’s really nice.


    1. lol. don’t. it’s not really worth it. i don’t really understand all the hype surrounding the book, to be honest. although if i really want to understand it, i might have to read them all. which i won’t so let’s just leave it at that.

      i like your principle about hating with basis. reminds of investigative journalism, for some reason. i don’t know why. hehe.

      i hope your valentine’s day went well too. i know it’s very cliche so let’s just say i hope you had a wonderful weekend. =)

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