as bipolar as melbourne’s weather

it’s 34 degrees right now. the kind of sunny weather i look forward to as it gives me the chance to do the laundry but now that it’s here…

i find that it’s actually very hot my cleavage is sweating. lol. i kid. i don’t have a cleavage.

but seriously, though. i reckon 34 degrees is about as hot as cebu can get and whether or not i’m here or there, i always complain about the heat when it gets a little too hot to handle. except that when i’m in cebu, i complain about sweating like a piglet on top of the heat. here, i complain about roasting like a piglet because i hardly sweat at all. except for my cleavage.

okay, fine, rib cage!

which got me thinking: what is the perfect weather?

it’s a happy medium i still have to figure out yet because i get extremely cold or hot very easily. but if i have to really, really think about it? i’d say it’s around 25 degrees. the kind that allows you to show off some skin with a bit of light layering (just in case). like that time we went to tooradin and i wore this thin dress that i stole from my sister with just a cardigan over it. that was very good weather for me.

i’m not gonna lie. that very good weather lasted only as long as you could syllabicate the phrase. because come 6pm, i couldn’t be bothered getting out of the car because i was suddenly fucking freezing!

all in all, i think the philippines has the best weather in the world. yep, sweat and all. =)

tooradin, victoriatooradin, victoria

(omigod, i just realized i kind of look like my mom in that right photo above! i don’t know why it comes as a shock to me when i am my own mother’s daughter but… omigod, i so look like my mom right there! guess i’m not adopted, after all.)

and because the heat is starting to make me mad (you know, like, crazy?), allow me to share with you guys these photos of jeff and me working it like supermodels. for an insane asylum.

tooradin, victoriatooradin, victoria

jeff and his humongous face, man!

and when i say humongous, i mean “human monggos.” (mung beans for those who need the translation.)

next to his face, mine looks like a freaking pumpkin. plump. like those giant ones they sell on halloween.

10 thoughts on “as bipolar as melbourne’s weather

  1. I love how you write! You really deserve the award.
    My sister is in Perth, Australia, too! Is it already summer? Anyway congrats with your visa there and I hope you enjoy your time frolicking wherever you go. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

    1. thank you. you write really good as well. =)

      yep, it’s summer now but then again, the weather’s really crazy so the sunny days are always a reason to be grateful for. your sister’s lucky. i hear perth is so much warmer compared to melbourne. but i like melbourne so the weather is something i gotta put up with. what can you do?

      it was nice of you to drop by. can’t wait to read your next blog post. see you around wordpress!

    1. thanks, geng. one of those rare great hair days, i guess. either that, or it could just be the light.

      likewise, your hair is amazing. i always tell you that. curlies for the win! hehe.

    1. lol. yeah, just one of those crazy amalgams my friend and i made up in college which is still pretty much applicable now, 15 years later. jeez. i just reminded myself how old i am! lol.

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