when road trips remind you of home

koo wee rup, victoria

i don’t know a lot of people who don’t like road trips. i know i do. especially when i’m not driving. most especially that. which is a privilege i have been enjoying lately, at the pretext that i can’t drive here yet because (1) i still have to learn the whole right hand drive thing while making sure to keep left on the road; and (2) well, this is gonna sound lame but here goes: i don’t know how to drive automatic. been driving manual for as long as i can remember.

i’m gonna start driving here soon, which would mean goodbye to my leisurely passenger rides. but in the meantime, i’m relishing every moment of it without shame. like i’m doing now with the maja blanca i made earlier today. i’m throwing all modesty out the window: it’s fcking perfect! i tweaked the recipe and guestimated the whole consistency as well as the ingredients to my very own standard of perfection. my mom would be so proud.

so anyway, on to another installment of what seems like our roadtrip chronicles. this time, at koo wee rup. or the back roads of it, for that matter.

where the scenery reminded me so much of home, for some reason.

koo wee rup, victoriakoo wee rup, victoriakoo wee rup, victoriakoo wee rup, victoriakoo wee rup, victoria

4 thoughts on “when road trips remind you of home

    1. i would LOVE that, geng! please do. and i’ll visit you in california too. we should do the whole “california girls” thing. whatever it is that they do. lol.

      p.s. i miss you too. you keep popping in my head, for some reason. i meant to tell you that. especially when i’m taking a shower. sounds creepy, doesn’t it?

  1. love the photos! I wish I know how to drive, I think automatic is easier than the manual thingy… just saying… because after years of practicing in a manual car, I still can’t learn how to drive, hehe..

    1. i think so, too. my friends keep telling me how much easier auto is but i’ve never tried it so i still find it a little daunting. but we’ll see as soon as i start driving here. hehe.

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