nar nar goon: the mural town of victoria

if you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you’d probably have deduced that i have this serious fascination for old places — ancestral houses, historical landmarks… you know, stuff only your grandmother might be interested in. i just like the stories behind them if i’m not mentally making them up myself.

but more than the stories themselves, i find it amazing how they were able to physically transcend time. a snippet of the past right here in the present. although, essentially, isn’t the past encapsulated in the here and now? aren’t we all vessels of that long-forgotten era where every second immediately becomes the past in a vicious cycle to get to the future?


anyway, nar nar goon kinda felt like that for me. i don’t know how old the town actually is but i’m guessing it’s old. although i’m basing that assumption solely from these murals alone — not because of the age of the murals, but because who the heck still paints on walls to signify what the buildings are there for?!

but you gotta admit it’s pretty cool, though. stumbled upon this website and found out that there are actually more murals scattered all over the place than the ones we saw on the main street. too bad we were just passing through.

guess that puts nar nar goon on my list of “places to visit again.” i can so do a photowalk in this charming little town. (jeff, if you’re reading this, let’s go!!!)

nar nar goon, victorianar nar goon, victorianar nar goon, victorianar nar goon, victoria

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