my very first baking experience: cherry cobbler

the author said it was a very easy recipe. a lot of commenters agreed.

cherry cobbler

pinterest vs real life

indeed, smoke alarms make very good timers. of course, my sense of smell detected something burning but at the same time, it was sending mixed messages to my brain which was already in a state of denial. hopeful that maybe, just maybe, my very first attempt at baking would be a success.

join me again next time on “janjan’s kitchen catastrophies!”

cherry cobbler


after a good laugh over the disaster, jeff encouraged me to make another one again (and to make sure to turn off the upper heat in the oven next time). so i did. and guess what?

reality FINALLY looked pretty damn close to pinterest!

cherry cobblercherry cobblercherry cobbler

and it tasted pretty damn sweet too!

no, seriously, it was pretty damn sweet. probably too sweet for me, considering my lack of sweet tooth. the recipe called for 1 cup of sugar. i only put half. even then, it’s still kinda too sweet. but that’s just me, though.

otherwise, it’s really good. ask jeff.

disclaimer: i cannot guarantee that his review is not tainted with any personal bias but for the record, he did ask for seconds so… =)

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