up at the temple of leah with my favorite kidnapper

yoghurt with friends

sometimes i miss the frozen yoghurt — topped with fresh ripe mangoes, crushed graham crackers, and sliced almonds — my all-time favorite, gotta-have-it-now combo. i swear to god it’s really good! and quite healthy too, i reckon.

other times, i miss hanging out with my friends. there’s not a lot of them to miss, to be honest, but i miss the precious few whose loyalty i cannot betray because they hold sufficient classified information about me that’s worthy of a blackmail. and i of them. (so that’s probably why we’ve been friends for so long, huh? as the saying goes, “keep your friends close and your frenemies closer.” lol.)

as reclusive and introverted as i have the tendency to be, i do love them. and i do enjoy hanging out with them. but they have to kidnap me first because otherwise, i take a raincheck. (i’m so bad, i know.) a typical scenario usually involves this kind of phone call:

roma: where are you?

me: um, at home?

roma: okay, we’re on our way there. see you in 10.

and that’s how i practically mastered the art of putting makeup in 5 minutes. the other 5 i spend deliberating over what to wear, only to end up wearing a very boring ensemble of shorts and shirt.

temple of leah, cebutemple of leah, cebu

on this day we drove up to busay to visit the temple of leah, a massive roman-inspired architecture built in 2012 as a symbol of love and devotion from a man to his wife. you can read a better description of the temple here because i can’t be bothered summarizing. but it was truly a magnificent building. it wasn’t even finished yet when we went there so i can just imagine how glorious (not to mention, expensive) it would be when it’s all done up.

busay, cebu

i don’t know how long these pictures have been sitting on my hard drive but it was my kidnapper’s roma’s birthday last saturday, the 14th of february. the day of love. her name a palindrome for the spanish word, amor. which suits her fine because as ferocious as she can get (as far as jelven is concerned), she truly has a one of the biggest hearts i know.

belated happy birthday, romy.

love, your happy victim.

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