3 things i learned from makeup class


no, i’m not going to sit here and preach about the technicalities of beauty makeup. but i’m going to stand up and say that i do enjoy it, though. i’m loving it, in fact. i love the creative process that goes behind it.

truth be told, i’m not exactly a very creative person. i can’t memorize the color wheel to save my life but i do appreciate all the pretty colors out there. when it comes to makeup palettes, i gravitate towards the coppers and browns. and when i’m feeling adventurous, i go for purple. i have such an exciting personality it shows in my color choices.

the reason why i decided to enroll in makeup class was a practical one. i plan to do my own makeup on my wedding day. and while i’m at it, i might as well smokey eyes my bridesmaids and guests so we’d all look like pandas. because, seriously, who doesn’t love pandas?

i’m still pretty much a noob but so far, here are three things i learned from makeup class which i find so deep they’re almost shallow:

1. beautiful skin is the best makeup there is.

foundations and concealers can only do so much. sure, they mask some problem areas but having experienced layering on foundation after foundation on my face, it becomes exactly that — a mask. a nice one at that. but still.

which is why now, more than ever, i feel the need to take good care of my skin. i have a ridiculously low-maintenance skin care routine but it has worked for me for 3+ years now (prior to that was my experimental stage which had my sister laughing over my homemade recipes and/or breakouts). just last year, i finally convinced her to try my routine. i don’t see her complaining anytime soon.

the best thing about having good skin? you can get away with just powder on your face. and maybe a bit of a blusher. and some eyeliner too if you prefer that over mascara… and, oh, let’s not forget the lipstick.

point is, it’s nice to have a skin that actually breathes. unless you have a special event to go to, you won’t really need foundation.

2. when all the day’s makeup has been washed down the drain, love the person staring at you in the mirror.

it’s easy to get lost in makeup’s promise of beauty. there’s a certain level of comfort in being dolled up. people think you look pretty. you think you look pretty. for once, there’s a consensus between what the world thinks and what you think. but it can only go so far before your mascara starts to smear.

don’t get me wrong. i love how makeup transforms women into confident ladies but now, i look at it with a more realistic approach. makeup shouldn’t be used as a crutch. love yourself — with or without makeup — and you’ll be fine.

whenever jeff compliments me for looking really pretty, i always remind him, “it’s just makeup, jeff.” not because i downplay the flattery but because i know i sure as hell didn’t wake up like that. (being told you look beautiful always has a nice ring to it though. lol.)

#2 is actually a pretty hard pill to swallow and i’m not gonna be a hypocrite about it and tell you i have all the confidence in the world. because i don’t. and i’m fine with that. i deal with that on a regular basis. but it sure helps when you have a wonderful boyfriend who thinks you’re a nice person with a good heart who reminds you about it just when you need it most. #char

 3. strive to be nice. not just nice-looking.

because in the end, beauty isn’t the only criterion you’re gonna be judged upon.


those three things i learned by my annoying habit of internalizing and philosophizing everything. the rest of the actual makeup stuff, i have jessie glova to thank for.

p.s. that bottom right picture? jessie transformed me into oprah. he’s so talented like that. i’m trying my best to catch up and learn as much as i can but he’s been doing it for more than 10 years. and i just started when? last month? duhr.

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