a sober get-together

my posts have been coming up more frequently. i’m trying my best to keep up with the backlogs. i have heaps of them just waiting for their turn to see the light of day but i can only do so much. and yet i choose to do so little. but at least i’m working on it. or so i tell myself.

pizza republic

anyhow, my friends and i went to pizza republic last night. apparently one of the latest and coolest place in town where you “pick and mix” your own pizza. by that, they mean that you get to choose which toppings you want. judging from the number of crowd and considering that it was a wednesday night, it’s apparently a hit among the locals. i even had to park two blocks away, as every parking spot was filled to the brim.

the pizza was okay. so-so. i didn’t want any of those meaty toppings so i basically went crazy with the vegetables. all i can say is, i’ve tasted better. hands down, the best pizza i’ve tried was at this italian restaurant in hallam. a taste of italy is what it’s called.

capped the night off with coffee at cafe noriter. except that nobody had coffee. girly had tea. the rest had cakes that looked too sweet for my boring taste.

shared a few laughs. sober.

took pictures of each other using roma’s instamax. sober.

damn, we’re aging.

cafe noritercafe noritercafe noritercafe noriter

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