another one of those korean cafes in cebu

as unenthusiastic as the title sounds, i do like korean coffee shops. they’re fun, colorful, and quirky. but that’s also because i love post it notes and the two korean cafes i’ve been to had heaps of them stuck on walls, windows, and even ceilings — each written with quotes ranging from love to heartbreaks; phone numbers; or just the simple message that so-and-so was here.

sunday 2pm was like that. that was my first exposure to a korean cafe and girly and i enjoyed it. but that was years ago and i’ve never been to any korean cafes until last december, when roma and jelven kidnapped me (again) to spend some time with them at this new place called cafe noriter before i flew back to melbourne the next day.

cafe noritercafe noriter

once your eyes adjust to the colors of the post it notes and group pictures plastered everywhere, you start to appreciate the shop for its genius idea of maximizing such a small space by building two-story encampments similar to bunk beds. that way, they get to accommodate double the amount of people than what they would have had if they just utilized the regular tables and chairs only. and it sure made the experience somewhat unique — climbing up the narrow stairs; stooping down so as not to hit your head on the ceiling; sipping yummy but overpriced frappuccinos while sitting on bean bags or throw pillows — but it was still fun, nonetheless. it’s definitely the kind of place catered to teenagers. as well as to people of my age range too, if they’re up for it.

we certainly were. i mean, duh!, obviously:

cafe noriter

but that was before we discovered that they had all these fun and wacky props lying around to amp up the korean vibes for those picture-worthy shots. then roma and i just basically went crazy. yep, and jelven too. that poofter.

cafe noritercafe noritercafe noritercafe noritercafe noriter

it’s a nice place to hang out with your friends, i’ll give it that. more so if they’re the cam-whore type of buddies who love to have their pictures taken. but that’s just me speaking for myself.

cafe noritercafe noritercafe noriter

it was fun chilling with you, guys. i can’t remember what we talked about or why i was laughing so hard most of the time but yes, i truly enjoyed each and every minute of it. i’ll see you when i get home. =)

2 thoughts on “another one of those korean cafes in cebu

    1. that’s the thing i love about those shops too. more than their tea or coffee, i like going there for the interior design which makes the place so much more interesting.

      what’s your favorite coffee shop in cebu?

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