happy, messy vibes!

sunday 2pm

once in a while, cebu surprises you with happy little nooks and crannies that would’ve best been kept a secret if only people stopped talking about it.

sunday 2pm

but really, for a cafe as tiny as sunday 2pm, it sure is bursting at the seams with books, notes, trinkets, and polaroid pictures left by its customers as proof that once upon a happy time, they were there.

sunday 2pm

not to be outdone, girly and i had to have our autograph there too. because that’s the whole point of going there, i think — to leave a part of you behind for others to find.

sunday 2pm

no, wait, that sounded too vain. the WHOLE point of going there? two things: chocolate toast and iced caramel macchiato. because trust me, they will make you want to come back. or you can use them as an alibi to check if your precious autograph is still there. either way, you’ll always want to come back.

sunday 2pm

the cafe has about a thousand books on its shelves. i saw a couple of my favorites over there but girly and i were too busy chatting and/or reading the post-its on the wall that we didn’t have time to bother browsing over the literary works just within our reach. the post-its were much more interesting. who the hell is alex?!

because sunday 2pm is owned by a korean national who finds sundays at 2pm the most relaxing time and day of the week, expect korean music to fill the room. don’t worry, they usually play the happy ones. it was where i first heard this song and found it catchy. it’s not korean, though, but if you listen to it, it’s definitely the kind of vibe the cafe is going for.

18 thoughts on “happy, messy vibes!

        1. awww… hahaha! thanks, girly girl. for what? i don’t know so don’t ask. lol.

          i still have tons of stuff that need to be posted. and i still owe you my pics. don’t worry, i’ll get to that. as soon as i’m done dealing with my multiply business. hay. it’s taking me forever!

  1. Jan, when I first heard about this place months ago, I thought about you right away. I haven’t been there but based from the descriptions I’ve read and the pictures I’ve seen, the place is so Janjanish! Hehehe! I may have texted you about this. I’m not sure.

    1. you sure did! that was the first time i heard about the place. the second time, i read about it in the newspaper.

      what made you say the place is so me? it’s so like girly too, you know. hehe. =D

        1. oh wow! i never thought you found me creative, laid back, and bookwormy! i mean, all this time, i thought you found me exasperating! =D

  2. Jankurdt, thank you for the visit. You lighten up my mood today. ^_^
    I do hope Sunday 2pm is still open. Intriga ko sa chocolate toast and iced caramel macchiato. 🙂 I also did reply to your comment diay sa blog. hehhee.

    Laagholic Buyog

    1. the caramel macchiato was yum, as far as i can remember. the toast might have been too sweet for me but if you’re the type who can’t get enough of pastries and desserts, it just might suit you right.

      looking forward to reading your blog about sunday 2pm. see ya!

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