three’s a charm when it comes to celebrating fathers’ day

fathers' day

this is our third fathers’ day dinner celebration. the first was a couple of days before may-ann and the kids left. we celebrated it at choobi choobi, which is this restaurant across from parkmall. daddy’s new favorite. they serve good food. organic, if you’re into that. but either way, like i said, it’s a great resto you might wanna check out yourself. don’t just take my word for it because this isn’t a food blog and i’m not exactly a foodie so i’m not in the position to describe their food in all their glorious details.

well, i could try but truth is, i can’t be bothered.

the second dinner celebration was last night. at nonki japanese restaurant at sm. same old, same old. i don’t think i wanna go back there. the beef teriyaki bento was too much and i hate feeling full.

cafe sarree

tonight, after church, instead of going to the mall, we took the road less traveled. dining instead at cafe sarree, at the suggestion of my sister. i love how cebu is sprouting all these little cafes around the city. saves you from having to deal with the crowd and the waiting time.

cafe sarree is quite small but it’s the cozy kind of small. perfect for the random conversations i had with my dad and my sis. indeed, good ambiance is when you’re with people who make you happy. regardless of where you are.

cafe sarree

as for the food, i had the seared salmon while my dad had lamb adobo and my sis had… i forgot what it was called. not that my phone pics did the food any justice in the first place. but all in all, the food was good. i’d give my salmon maybe 8 stars.

cafe sarree

but more than the food itself, it was all about spending time with the #1 man in my life. happy fathers’ day, daddy! i love you so, so, so, so much!!! xoxo

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