dancing in the beach: my sister’s silly antics (and me getting sucked into it)

my younger sister brings out the crazy in me, even just momentarily, before i revert back to my default boring mode.

this one time, days prior to our trip to palawan, she casually told me to bring some sneakers ‘coz we might go trekking. little did i know that we were actually going cliff-climbing! no harness, no previous training or experience whatsoever, and with just a local tricycle driver as guide who had only done it once before when he was a teenager. 200 meters above the ground on dagger-shaped limestone rock formations.

i honestly thought i was going to die. and did i mention that a rescue team was sent to look for us? yep, we kind of got lost on our way down. at nightfall. (my survival story here.)

last saturday, she once again convinced me to do something i otherwise wouldn’t have done — dance at the beach.

two problems with that:

1. i’m actually very shy; and

2. i don’t dance. no, wait, scratch that. i can’t dance. emphasis on the word can’t.

i don’t know how she does it but always, always, i seem to fall for her crazy ideas! so i just go with her flow and chalk it all up to sibling bullying.

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