sibling bonding on a black saturday

cebu’s really amping up the heat lately. by a thousand degrees. there’s probably a little too much sunshine on this side of the archipelago that it’s not cute anymore. but then again, isn’t that what philippine summer is about? to sweat like a pig?

maribago bluewater resort, mactan

good thing cebu is equipped with some pretty nice beaches to beat the summer heat. and you don’t have to travel 48 years to get there. more like 48 minutes, if your starting point is from where i live (which is a little bit to the south) and you just wanna cross the bridge to mactan island because you’re too lazy to drive.

of course, it all depends on where you wanna go too. farther up to the north or down to the south would probably take you about 4 or 5 hours — max. cebu’s not that big of an island, after all.

maribago bluewater resort, mactan

so last saturday, when the sun got a little too crazy and the lenten heat was in full blast after days of having nothing but rain because of some tropical depression or something, my sister and i decided to hit the beach. along with the rest of the people seeking respite from the sun’s wrath.

obviously, we were not the only ones.

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although i daresay we were the only ones who got a little deranged dancing there like idiots. the heat must have fried my brain to a point where it was malleable for coercion by a fun-loving sister who takes pleasure in the awkwardness of the other but i have to admit it was fun.

sure, i still cringe at the sight of me on the video but other than that, it’s one of those things that remind me of how lucky i am to have such an awesome sister. (el, you’re not reading this, are you? if you are, don’t let that last sentence get into your head. i was just kidding. lol. mwah!)

10 thoughts on “sibling bonding on a black saturday

  1. I so miss Cebu! Here in Bacolod, I have to travel at least 3 hours to get to the white sand, unlike when I was in Cebu, it only takes 15 to 30 minutes… =(

    1. oh, but you have all those charming museums to make up for it! i love bacolod. i had so much fun visiting silay’s balay negrense, victoria’s the church of the angry christ, talisay’s ruins… the list goes on and on.

      and the food! like, omg!

    1. that’s in maribago bluewater beach resort in mactan, cebu.

      and yep, it’s nice there. especially on weekdays when it’s not as crowded. =)

          1. Well, we’re not sure. Most of our blog posts are places and activities that have “adventure” written all over them. Hehe!

            But who knows? If they’ll sponsor us for scuba diving, paragliding, and other adventure activities, we might write a blog about them.

            1. yeah, well, who knows you might change your mind and feature a post where it’s all about chillin’. a downtime from all the adventures. =)

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