the other side of jeff valledor

i remember the first time i met jeff. he was this really smooth guy who suddenly busted out rhymes to random girls walking on the sidewalk. “hey, baby girl,” he’d serenade them, rapping out in freestyle. words freely pouring forth like liquid while i awkwardly stood beside him silently wondering, “what is wrong with this guy?!”

he then casually turned towards me and asked, “so, what are your talents?”

i was practically like a deer in the headlights. “i’m sorry?”

“you know, what do you do? what are your interests?” he pressed.

“um, i kind of write.” i answered. a very safe response which cemented my loser status.

“i mean, what are your talents?” he asked again.

i couldn’t help but laugh. he probably expected to hear me say something about singing or painting or break-dancing, even fire-eating. talents normal people possess. talents i simply don’t have because, well, how the hell should i know?!

but jeff… jeff’s really talented in a lot of things. and he’s quite passionate in all of them too. the guy can make his own beats, come up with the lyrics in freestyle, then make a music video out of them where his photography and videography skills certainly come in handy. plus, he can dance. and paint. and do some cool magic tricks like talk to strangers and convince them of the benefits of garcinia cambogia when he’s not preaching about the miracles of marijuana oil and soursop. he’s basically a one-man show all in his own right.

and i’m proud to be his audience in all this. now i understand why i don’t have that many talent, if at all. makes perfect sense to me now. lol.

anyhow, allow me to share with you one of jeff’s latest music videos which happens to be one of my favorite songs of his. i love the rawness of his voice in this one. that unexplainable feeling of listening to someone cry out for a lost love or whatever. and seriously? if i were the recipient of this song, i’d be flattered as hell. lyric-wise, it doesn’t exactly paint a pretty picture of the girl in question but reading between the lines would lead you to the conclusion that he feels deeply for her to a point where it’s hurting him more. whatever.

forgive me for romanticizing this song. that was the poet in me talking. (wait, what?)

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