kangaroos and emus aside, they had llamas there at myuna farm too

myuna farmmyuna farm

with myuna farm being a farm and all, there are other animals you can find there as well. i mean, apart from emus and kangaroos, that is. because they also have ducks and ponies and horses and chickens and pigs and such. creatures you’d expect in a farm for all the obvious reasons. (because, duh, it’s a farm?)

yep, the very same creatures i am so used to seeing here in the philippines as they happen to live right at my backyard (peking ducks and chickens and roosters, anyone?)

myuna farm

so forgive me if i sound jaded when i say it’s cute how those kids ogled at the chickens as if they were interesting aliens fresh out of the television they normally see them in. because, you know, the perks of growing up in a third world country.

myuna farm

BUT… the llamas! no, we don’t have llamas here so of course i didn’t know what it was the first time i saw it.

“it’s a llama, baby,” jeff offered.

“aaah… the dalai llama!” i replied in my head, all the while regressing and thinking about jimmy neutron’s friend, carl wheezer, and his apparent obsession for llamas. (gawd, i miss that show!)

i didn’t only like the llamas because of their seeming innocence embodied by their blank stares. i liked them because it was such a cold windy day and their coat was so thick i couldn’t help but use it as an insulation to keep my frozen hands warm.

(thought bubble: “my, you’d make a wonderful coat for me right now!”)

myuna farm

same thought goes out to those sheep too.

myuna farmmyuna farmmyuna farmmyuna farm

outside, oblivious to the strong frosty wind, the donkeys and the ponies grazed on.

myuna farmmyuna farm

while i continued to nurse an allergic rhinitis which left my nose looking plump and red like a tomato ripe for picking. but it was all good, though. something my antibodies needed to do to get themselves immune to whatever allergen was causing it.

looking back, i say this was also the time when i gained the most weight. while editing these pictures, i kept wondering if it was just the wind that was blowing my rather flimsy shirt but… no. i wish i could blame it on winter more than i blame it on jeff’s cooking but either way, it’s not exactly the kind of look that suits me and i’m not really into exercising so help me god.

myuna farm

and yep, that’s bob. the guy that made me stop dead on my tracks just to make sure if he was real. (he’s not.) for a while, i was like, “wtf?! what is he doing in there?!”

good one, bob. you got me, alright.

11 thoughts on “kangaroos and emus aside, they had llamas there at myuna farm too

  1. Aww. The llama looks sooo adorable. And you got to have a pic with it! And that goat seems so friendly!

    Happy Easter from Cebu! 🙂

    1. oh, the llama was adorable, not to mention super warm! i could’ve hugged that llama to last me until the end of winter. lol.

      happy easter right here from cebu too! =)

            1. yeah. to be honest, the zoo needs a little more funding from the government. it helps when people visit the place too, get it recognized or something. at least that would be an additional income for the maintenance of the zoo.

              up until i decided to check the place out a few years ago, i didn’t know cebu zoo still existed! but, yeah…

  2. What a lovely display of animals. I love the zoo! Beautiful photos! Thank you for visiting my blog and for following me. I am following you now as well. Beautiful PHOTOS! Keep it up!

    1. thank you, michelle. you have a wonderful blog, as well. great photos and inspiring content. i look forward to reading more of your posts. =)

      have a nice day!

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