the zoo part 4: all creatures big and small

there were a lot of interesting things ram and i found at the zoo.

cebu zoo

there was that really cute, fluffy white, well-behaved rabbit who slept by the entrance gate because it was too lazy to hop around and greet visitors. it didn’t mind being petted, though. stroking its soft fur was a form of touch therapy and the rabbit enjoyed every second of it!

cebu zoo

the meek sheep reminded me of jesus and some of the characters in the biblical times. its long, coarse hair reminded me of bob marley and the domination of reggae in a cannabis-filled era.

cebu zoo

contrasting the heavenly sight of sheep was the impish look of the crocodiles who lazed around fellow crocs in ponds with shallow waters. i didn’t like the way they smiled; like they got something devilish up their sleeves but they’re not gonna tell you ‘coz it’s one hell of a shit surprise. crocodiles are sneaky that way.

cebu zoo

turtles, on the other hand, denote gentleness, wisdom, and patience. they’re the kind who like to take things slow. they live for the ride but they take in the scenery and the beauty of the world moment by moment, although it’s kind of boring when all the scenery they ever see in their 100 or so years of living is limited to the corners of the concrete pond which has become their habitat.

cebu zoo

fyi: i wasn’t squirmish when it came to the bigger animals. when the caretaker told us that we could touch this alligator, i was psyched as i immediately handed ram my camera, my bag, and my sanity. with a huge grin on my face, i was like, “let’s go!”

and because that guy doesn’t read all these stuff i write here, i’ll be brutally honest (at his expense). he was scared of the bigger animals with the bigger scales who, he said, had teeth that could rip you apart in one flawless move and a tail that could break you into pieces before you even realize what hit you.

and he thought i was a baby for freaking out at the sight and feel of snakes? well, who’s the baby now? hehe. i did respect his feelings, though. in fact, as i saw it as an advantage because that way, his fear forced him to take pictures of me while i secretly gloated over the fact that at this point, we were now even. and i was back in the game!

when ram saw that the alligator didn’t eat me alive, he decided to join me and the caretaker down in the pond for a little bonding with the creature. when the caretaker was kind enough to take both our photos, ram immediately claimed the tail spot as his. just in case the alligator would get crazy, i would be the first to go, giving him enough time to run “and call for help.” if i think about it, it’s one hell of a really smart strategy! lol.

cebu zoo

not that i was keeping score, once again ram was hesitant to touch this reptile (if it was indeed a reptile) which put me in the lead 2-1. i got to pet this animal first although i wouldn’t exactly call it that because for the most part, i was gripping its body tight so it wouldn’t run away because it seemed like a really fast and slick runner.

i don’t know if it was his form of retaliation but my photos here were not exactly my best angles. most of my photos which he took showed me struggling with the little guy while my photos of him looked like he was having the grandest time of his life like it was the most natural thing to do!

some people can’t take losing. lol.

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