werribee park

werribee park

i’m kind of into parks. remember how i raved about fitzroy gardens, going on and on about how the tree branches stretched out their extremities into the heavens above like bony hands reaching for redemption and all that poetic bullshit i am capable of dishing out once in a while?

or what about that gorgeous lakeside park which had me at hello? the same one that left me breathless in poetic constipation.

werribee park

so, yeah, i guess you can say i’m kind of into parks. but i like them better when they offer more that what meets the eye. take werribee park, for example. at first glance, it’s just a well-manicured park sprawling across 10 hectares of land. however, right in the middle of this lavish estate is a huge 1870’s mansion which once belonged to one of australia’s richest man. some bloke whose name i don’t know.

i’ll tell you more about the mansion in a separate post (although i have the feeling my pictures will do most of the talking). right now, i just wanna show you the surrounding landscape — with me in them ruining the view.

side note: werribee park is also home to victoria state rose garden which is, you know, a rose garden that’s quite delightful to visit especially at certain times of the year right when the roses are in full bloom. those times are between october and march. of course, with my kind of luck, when i went there with my friend trina it happened to be in a month where the flowers were still having their august beauty sleep so… boo.

werribee parkwerribee parkwerribee parkwerribee parkwerribee park

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