frolickin’ at frankston beach

i’m supposed to finish making the collages for the pre-wedding photoshoot we did for this lovely couple but i’m not. because in a few days’ time i will be flying again to cebu so i’m kind of being emotional right now while our newly adopted kitten, stud, lies sleeping comfortably on the carpet below me. a few feet away lies his stepsister, popit, who’s still jealous of his position as the baby in the family after having the spotlight all to herself for a year.

so here i am going over a few photos of the stuff jeff and i did during my stay here. which isn’t really much but they all mean a lot just the same. like that time we went to frankston beach last december.

frankston beach

frankston beach is about 20 minutes’ drive from our place. it’s a nice beach which, like all other beaches here in melbourne, can get really crowded during the holidays. more so during the summer.

frankston beach

however, even with the sun going full force with the heat, i’m still not used to the fact that the beachside can still get a little too cold. and windy. back in the tropics where i come from, wearing a long-sleeved shirt at the beach is only for those who want to maintain their snow white complexion with the aid of their numerous whitening skin products. but here, if i have to bring a jumper, i will. because i don’t think i’ll ever get used to the chilly wind.

frankston beachfrankston beach

one of the nice features i like at frankston beach is the pier. it’s a great place to do a photoshoot, a videoshoot, or just simply walking along the boardwalk and enjoying the moments you spend with the person you’re with. if that sounded corny, then i guess jeff and i were the corniest people there at the time for doing all of the above.

frankston beachfrankston beachfrankston beachfrankston beach

yep, even while waiting for our food at sofia restaurant. (side note: their fish of the day meal is soooooooo yum!!!! i’m talking about fish with salad and chips. really good! i always order that every time we go there. on the other hand, because it’s quite pricey, jeff just orders water and takes pleasure in watching me eat while he starves himself to death. lol.)

frankston beach frankston beachfrankston beachfrankston beach

and here’s jeff starving for a cause (the “feed janjan and fatten her up like a porky pig” campaign):

frankston beachfrankston beachfrankston beachfrankston beach

awww… i’ll miss this dude. =(

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