western springs lakeside park

western springs park, auckland

in case i haven’t emphasized enough, when it comes to natural scenery, in my book new zealand takes the cake. and if that last sentence has been riddled with a little too much commas, i apologize. just as i am apologizing in advance for the number of pictures that will riddle this post like bullet holes all over a human target by a sharpshooter who’s got anger management issues.

on the bright side, i can assure you they are very pretty pictures. this is the stuff capable of moving any painter to create a masterpiece similar to the great artists who painted idyllic english landscapes capable of moving you to tears.

i saved the best for last, as far as my auckland travelogue goes.

western springs park, auckland

western springs lakeside park, more commonly known to the locals as just “western springs” is this huge lakeside park in auckland. (gawd, do i make brilliant descriptions!)

western springs park, auckland

it’s a very lovely place for whatever fits your fancy. you can go for a leisurely stroll, a brisk walk, a bike ride, even a scooter ride if that’s your choice of transportation. whichever way you choose, you’re in for a relaxing visual treat. (unless you go hardcore on your pedaling that you narrowly miss the beautiful age-old trees… or the lake itself.)

western springs park, auckland

in fact, during my walk around the lake (and mind you, it’s a big lake), i came across this baby having a photoshoot for her first birthday. wearing a pink diaper and a strand of pearls around her neck a la the great gatsby, it was the cutest thing ever! (good thing her mom was kind enough to give me permission to take pictures.) it was actually a very creative idea. the lakeside view and the foliage provided the perfect backdrop in contrast to the baby pinks, whites, and the sheer cuteness of the smiling toddler.

western springs park, aucklandwestern springs park, aucklandwestern springs park, auckland

heaps of ducks, swans, and birds loiter around this wildlife sanctuary too. many of them coyly paddle around in the lake to attract people’s attention while some are more aggressive in their approach to be fed. which reminds me: if you plan to go there, you might wanna bring a bag of bread. they love that shit. they literally go crazy over the sight of it. much like teenage girls and boys literally go crazy at the sight of justin bieber.

western springs park, auckland

but it’s not just ducks and swans and birds that can be found there. because right within the lake is one of new zealand’s most protected creatures — the native eels whose population is considered to be in gradual decline. and by gradual decline, they’re saying that these slithering water creatures might become extinct within 50 years. apparently, according to the lake’s website, the eels take a really long time to grow and the females only spawn once before they die and they can be up to 80 years old before they do so. which is why fishing is strictly prohibited there. yes, you can feed them but no, you can’t eat them.

not that i’d want to. to be honest, i didn’t exactly enjoy watching them all bundled around each other. it felt like i was watching a den filled with snakes. no, thank you.

but the rest of the park is pretty awesome, though. and i have pictures to prove it.

western springs park, aucklandwestern springs park, aucklandwestern springs park, aucklandwestern springs park, aucklandwestern springs park, aucklandwestern springs park, aucklandwestern springs park, aucklandwestern springs park, auckland

need i say more?

9 thoughts on “western springs lakeside park

    1. nah, nindot lang jud ang place, lars. so photogenic. even if you use a shitty camera, your photos would still look amazing! that’s how pretty the place is.

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