and the snail mail finally arrived!

like all doting aunts, i have the most adorable 5-year old niece in the world. and today, on daddy’s 64th birthday, i finally received the card she sent me. after waiting for it for weeks, eagerly checking my mailbox almost everyday to see if it has arrived already.

aeva's cardaeva's cardaeva's cardaeva's card

again, like i said, i have the most adorable 5-year old niece in the whole entire world. she makes me smile. and i love her to bits! =)

6 thoughts on “and the snail mail finally arrived!

  1. Hi jankurdt!

    Thank you for linking your lovely blog in my Beautiful Sunday series. I appreciate it 🙂 I always love to meet new people in the blogosphere. I hope we can get to know each other better, albeit online.

    I still love handwritten letters despite the convenience of Facebook and text messages. Nothing beats handwritten notes, especially if it came from a cute, honest and innocent kid. I’m sure you will keep the letter forever and show it your niece when she grows up.

    I checked your posts and discovered that you live in Australia, one of the countries in my bucket list 🙂

    Have a great week ahead!

    1. hi diane!

      i’m actually from cebu so we’re practically neighbors, with you living in manila. interconnected by the world wide web and our love for writing. char.

      speaking of, yes, i love handwritten letters. there’s something really special about it. for something that has existed for such a long time, it’s considered a novelty in this day and age. the irony of it all.

      today i mailed my niece a card in response to hers. i’m excited for her to receive it and then maybe we could pen pals or something. i don’t even care how corny that sounds. i think it’s a great training for her so she’d learn to write and be patient (because snail mails can exhaust your patience! lol.)

      anyhow, enough of my blabbering. i guess i’ll see you around. i look forward to reading more of your posts because you’re a really good writer. keep it up! =)

    1. handwritten kiddie letters are just so heartwarming, yeah? i can’t fully describe such wonderful feeling but i know you know what i mean, being a recipient of such letters yourself.

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