a red pepper kind of day

it was the sunday that we finally went to church. that i remember now. hungry after the 10:30am mass where we arrived late, jeff drove straight to the freeway before i could even ask, “where are we going?”

obviously, we were driving towards the city. and obviously, we were going to that indian restaurant. again. dining there for the third time within a week, almost consecutively i reckon it would have been more practical if we just moved in there. (these days, we’re crazy about this vietnamese restaurant at springvale. the moment we sit down, the servers don’t even bother giving us the menu and would instead say, “the usual?”)

red pepper indian restaurant

but it’s a really good indian restaurant. it’s located at 14 bourke street and it’s called red pepper indian restaurant. beside it is another restaurant called green pepper or something so it can get a bit confusing.

to be honest, i wasn’t a big fan of curry. the first time i tried a curry dish in cambodia, i didn’t like it. so when jeff introduced me to this resto, he was practically singing praises about it and i was like, “i don’t know, jeff.” but i did try, albeit hesitantly. (that guy can be so stubbornly persuasive.)

guess what, i loved it!

red pepper indian restaurant

whenever we go there, i always order the vegetable korma. that’s my favorite. jeff usually gets one of the dishes written right at the very top of their menu whose name i can’t remember and this isn’t exactly a food blog anyway so it’s not like i’m committing a mortal blogging sin. but my vegetable korma is really good. i’m kind of craving for some now as we speak.

jeff suggested i should do food blogs of the restaurants we go to but i honestly can’t be bothered describing the look, taste, texture, and flavor of every dish served right in front of me so let’s not even go there. and if, on the rare occasions such as this where i actually write about my dining experience, that’s basically me with the hashtag, #justsaying. yep, like right now.

red pepper indian restaurant

them impromptu photoshoots are starting to get more frequent lately. and i’ve learned to roll with it.

4 thoughts on “a red pepper kind of day

    1. same here. by filo standards, i find the food here in melbourne rather expensive. when i was new here, i almost had a heart attack buying a $5 sandwich, which, when converted to peso, would be enough to buy me a really good meal in a restaurant in the philippines.but there’s really nothing much you can do about it. you just chew and swallow. lol.

      but that indian food is really good, though. i think the vegetable korma was about A$12 or something.

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