vivid aquatique


it was a water show with a little bit of mystique, thus the fancy term “aquatique.” or so i reckon. darling harbour was packed. good thing we got there early, with a few seats to spare. and by “seats,” i mean stairs. which means we were basically standing the whole time on one of the stairs of one of the buildings across from where the show was. not complaining. we pretty much had a first row view.


of course it was spectacular! jets of water shooting out in rhythmic motions with colored laser lights dancing across the dancing fountains, both of which moving in harmony to the sound of rock music playing. the movements were pretty fluid considering that it’s water but what do you expect? that’s rock ‘n roll for you. you go with the high flow. (for some uncanny reason, sometimes the fountains looked like they were mosh pitting in the subtlest of ways. or that could just be me.)

i can’t remember the songs or the bands now but nirvana’s “smells like teen spirit” was definitely there. i think “highway to hell” was played too but then again, i could just be confabulating because, really, that was six months ago. this post is as old as the folks who may not have exactly appreciated the value of the rock classics that were being played on that particular show. (there was one every 30 minutes, if i’m not mistaken.)


but this 90’s kid was just beaming through it all!

rock on. =)

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