last moments in sydney

at some point in this post, i will be guilty of photodumping. it’s a necessary evil so necessary so i could finally move on to the more recent posts because all these belated posts are starting to take its toll on me, especially with 2014 coming up in exactly 8 days. the backlogs are doing my head in.

anyhow, back to vivid sydney:


this was called “luminous,” which, according to vivid sydney’s website, is the world’s largest interactive LED facade spanning a width of 150 metres and reaching 4 stories up the side of the commonwealth bank australia’s headquarters at darling quarter.

basically, you can control the colors of the panels by tapping whatever color you like on the fingerpaint screen. it was quite fun watching the display turn pink then blue then turquoise then pink again — all according to your fancy. you can even play snake with it. (remember snake? the most entertaining game our jurassic nokia cellphones could offer? no?)


and then along pyrmont bridge was another light display called “night blossoms.” tiny little lights of whites, greens, and blues flowering on trees that lined up the pathway of the bridge.


but hands down, my favorite would have to be the fireworks display. because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a fireworks show? i think it’s one of the best technological advancements there is and i have the ancient chinese to thank for that.

lastly, as promised, here’s where the photodumping comes in:


a big thank you to my aunts, uncles, and cousins for adopting me that weekend, short as it was. i really appreciate it. =)

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