oh, wow! i now have a lawyer bestfriend. fancy that!


gawd. where do i start?

do i start from that day she graduated from law school, or all the way back to prep school? because i have known this girl for the longest time she’s starting to become like a blood relative i can’t get rid of by virtue of us having the same blood and all.

not that i want to get rid of her. well, not yet anyway. haha. but i love this girl. i’ve probably said that a million times.

what i don’t always say is that i am sooo damn proud of her!

congratulations, ATTY. GAYLE MARIE P. HERNANDO, CPA!

you make studying and reviewing law look so much fun with the videoke sessions every weekend! haha. rock on!

p.s. i don’t care how ally mcbeal your corporate attire gets but remember, swimsuits are a MUST in your briefcase! you know, for those impromptu beach getaways.

p.p.s. so what if we don’t have abs? let them talk. after they do, let’s slap them with a slander case just to shut them up. how about that?!

p.p.p.s. i know your head is still in the clouds right now and that’s great. but as your friend, i feel it is my duty to ground you. so here you go:


i have a lot more where this came from. i can and will use it against you, should the need arise. be afraid. be very afraid.

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