13. roma counted. only 13 people had enough guts to walk through the streets of colon this morning chanting about the government’s corruption and asking the rest of the anesthetized cebuanos to join their plea. if roma had not told me, i wouldn’t have known that today is the 26th anniversary of the people power revolution which toppled the dictatorial government of president marcos.

truth be told, i’m not much into politics. i hate the hypocrisy. which is why i like asin’s cotabato. because it speaks a lot about the internal and external conflicts of the filipino people. it tells the truth. at the same time, it seeks to unite the nation to strive for peace.

kindling the fires of this politically emo post with another personal emo of my own (what?!), allow me to share with you another one of asin’s songs. because i miss ram right now. because this is our song, among our other songs. because the words are something we both can relate. especially the “na na na” part.

most especially the “na na na” part.

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