paper aeroplanes

art. you hear that word everywhere. you see it hanging on walls in galleries and exhibits. in public restrooms in artsy restaurants. colorful mural art vandalized with black or silver spray paint by kids who call themselves artists simply because they have the skill of spray-painting their names in fancy calligraphic fonts. one artwork on top of another, no matter how hideous either one of them may be.


this one i kind of liked. a painting hung on handuraw’s wall.

i love art and its different faces. nevermind if that love does not necessarily translate to my knowledge of it. i know what i like. for me, it’s all about the feeling. of falling in love at first sight. if i don’t get it after a quick 5-minute “analysis,” then it’s not worth the aneurysm and i simply move on to the next.


so anyway, i was invited to a photo exhibit at handuraw organized by my younger sister and her artsy friends. they called it paper flight, with printed photos of paper planes with different places in different countries as backgrounds. it was a cool concept and all but honestly, i probably wouldn’t have went there if not for the fact that one of my own bestfriends contributed a photo. so did my cousin too.


this was girly’s, a photo of quatar’s skyline behind a perfectly-folded aeroplane — a skill she learned and mastered in rehab. that girl can origami her way into the defenses of your heart if your heart is a fortress guarding huge amounts of crack. or caffeine, at least.


my cousin, ruth, contributed this photo too. she’s in gibraltar right now, feasting her eyes on hot spanish men when she’s not complaining about the cold on her facebook.


my niece was there too. so was my whole family. full force support.


and of course, there was the schizos, cheering girly on even when girly wasn’t there. =)

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