clouds in my coffee

destiny gave me the wonderful opportunity to do be a part of a mission that would change a person’s life in 45 minutes.

fate screwed the whole thing up by inflicting me with something close to a possible diagnosis of conjuctivitis. just like that.

i’m not gonna say i’m not disappointed because that would be a total understatement. but i’m trying to be mature about the whole thing. because ram reminded me of that one line i keep reminding him when life beats the hell out of him. everything happens for a reason. even the most shitty ones, i guess.

so here i am drilling carly simon’s you’re so vain into my head. instead of in the operating room scrubbing microorganisms off my skin and handing out cold metal instruments against my sterile gloves to doctors stitching adults’ and children’s lips to near-perfection. the two days i worked with the team had been fun. sure, my spine’s screaming with the wrong posture i had to endure for hours but now that i’m here and not there, even my spine misses the charity work. i don’t mind having every inch of my body sore just please not my eyes.

when this madness is over and fate’s out bullying someone else, i’m singing this song the next time my friends and i hang out for a little videoke session. just to spite fate right to its face.

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