shadow puppetry

discovered shadow puppetry in youtube. it was the first time i’ve ever seen one and the effect blew me away. amazing.

Unlike other types of puppets, the shadow puppet itself is never seen in performance, only the effect it creates. The performing shadow puppet is not just a single object of wood or cardboard, but a collection of things working together. However clever or beautiful the puppet shape, it’s the puppet’s combination with light and a screen that makes its magical effect. (

the song (“twice” by little dragon) is deep, i gotta admit that, although i don’t know in which episode of Grey’s Anatomy this song was featured in.

the story in the video is even deeper. i’m still trying to figure out what it all means. i can’t seem to make a decent interpretation right now. maybe after 762 replays i would finally be able to figure it out. maybe. hehe.

but for now, all i know is this: the bird is giving the girl a gift. the girl runs away into the woods. falls asleep and dreams of her and the bird flying into a cloud where a skeleton stands. she wakes up and hears music. she follows the music and discovers that the source of the music is the skeleton, which must have been a bad thing. i don’t know what the skeleton represents. death? i know it’s a literal (not to mention moronic) interpretation but i’m trying to peel into the story layer by layer. obviously, i’m still in the outermost core. haha.

thinking and re-thinking about it now, i think the bird is giving the girl the gift of love. that must have scared her so she runs away from him. although she left him physically, a gift is a gift. he gave her his heart and with her constantly is his love. the girl was probably confused that’s why she ran away. probably thought that running away would lead her to some place (or someone) better. the dream represents the could-have-been’s. of how happy she could have been with the bird. she wakes up and continues searching for something (or someone) better. the music lures her into hopes of finding whatever it is she’s hoping for, only to come face to face with her fears. the skeleton, at this point of my desperate interpretation, takes the form of her fears. it was her own fears that killed the bird’s love. the same fears that made her walk away from someone who was brave enough to give her his love. the reason why she’s alone in her journey. the skeleton represents the end of something that could have been beautiful.

manic ramblings. geez. don’t watch this video if you don’t wanna go crazy analyzing.

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