math 911

i can still remember those years when cable tv wasn’t the norm yet. my family loved watching Rescue 911 every sunday on channel 9 i can even hear the program’s opening music playing in my head, with the host standing in front of an emergency helicopter or an ambulance or whatever. i can still picture it like it was yesterday, complete with his introductory line, “we begin with…”

you remember that? or did you guys already have cable tvs then and we were that loser family who was way behind civilization? lol.

i loved that program. it was amazing how efficient america’s rescue operation looked on tv — with policemen saving not only the lives of people but of animals as well. i loved the animal rescue most especially.

from what i know, based on what our review instructor told us years ago, it’s illegal to prank call 911 (duh!) because they can trace your call and can get you arrested for wasting time and resources. not to mention the $500 fee you have to pay for messing with the system.

but kids can get away with it. because they sound so cute when they’re desperate to know the answer to their math problems. to a 4-year old, that constitutes an emergency. hehe.

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