IT park christmas

i’m a f*cking pacifist when i’m not in the mood to rebel.

the other day, my mom berated me for wearing an “inappropriate” attire. and so the next day, just to appease her, i wore her blouse.

her blouse.

no, not the one she owns now. but one she owned when she was 20 years old. my mom turned 56 years old last november so if you did the math right, you can bet your kidneys that it’s a really old blouse with a faint cabinet-y smell. lol.

for the record, i love the blouse. seriously. i love the cut and and how it fits me perfectly. the material is obviously vintage but i love that it’s unique too. i’m not too hot about it having long sleeves but that’s fixable since i can just fold it into desired length. the prints are rather bright but that’s what makes it stand out.

it’s amazing to wear something your own mom wore when she was your age. i almost couldn’t believe that she was as thin as me. i mean, if you’ve seen my mom lately, you’d be shocked too. lol.

there you go. a photo of me and my mom’s blouse, in front of my favorite christmas tree at the walk.ü

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