cassy sleeping at my feet. i run my left foot against his warm body through his tangled hair. i think he likes it. and i am reminded of how time has passed. of how small he was when he came into my life. and of how he almost died three days later. weak with parvovirus. like he was a month-old puppy just waiting to die.

i remember staying up all night feeding him with an electrolyte solution by medicine dropper. forcing him to swallow. just so he would survive. just so i wouldn’t lose him like i lost his sister that same night.

i fought for him that night. i really did.

i’m glad he fought for me too. i knew the battle was won when he could already stand up and walk in the morning. thinking about it now, it was one of the best feelings in the world.

the same feeling that i feel when he welcomes me home each and every time.

◘ writing this now makes me miss george, my dead dalmatian. you’ll forever be missed, baby.

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