my christmas

pasko sa u-og

christmas, as it had been for the last couple of years, was spent at my dad’s hometown in U-Og, Inabanga, Bohol. (don’t ask me why the place was named such. i once asked my lola about it but i forgot.) anyhow, it’s our family’s way of spending christmas with everyone there. we usually have a program where there are games and presentations and free meals. just as we usually hold a raffle of goods or whatever.

this year, we prepared a hundred bayongs filled with grocery items and about 2 and a half kilos of rice. i know it’s not much but it’s our own way of giving back. and trust me, it sure as hell wasn’t easy carrying all that accumulated weight of 100 bayongs stacked and tied together! that was me and my mom beating out all those kargadors at carbon market. seriously. and i’m not kidding when i say guys were giving me a second look. i must have been such a head-turner then. either that, or they wanted to employ my services. lol.

the grocery shopping wasn’t exactly a walk in the park either. 400 canned goods, 200+ noodles, 100 packs of sugar, coffee, juice, plus all those other stuffs we added in. with the total number of stubs i had to fill out because i qualified for the supermarket’s raffle promo, i’m expecting to win a brand-new multicab anytime soon. (although i believe their raffle draw won’t be until next year. but i’ll wait. lol.)

anyhow, this is what the hundred bayongs looked like:

pasko sa u-og

to my relatives who gave their monetary donations, as well as to the “industrial partners,” so to speak, thank you for making Pasko sa U-Og 2009 a success. God bless you all! =)

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