Officially Aussie

The moment I started to consider Australia my home was a very subtle one I couldn’t even remember exactly when. Chances are, it was probably when I was taking a shit and feeling so grateful for the excellent plumbing and drainage system that makes for a more efficient and definitely way better toilets than those back home.

My other home.

Philippines raised me. She gave me values and foundations that have served me well since I moved here in Australia all by my sheltered, naively courageous 29-year old self. Growing up in a third world country taught me to appreciate the good things while also teaching me how to survive.

Forced to be independent, I have to say Australia was where I really grew up. She saw me build a life for myself and my family; watched me season my wooden utensils with more care than I actually have for cooking. She’d probably be there to witness a future filled with gastritis, too, from all the adulting that I have to do.

I’m proud to be Filipino. But at the same time, I feel like I have become “Australianised” in a lot of ways that I’m hybrid as. I take the best of both worlds and incorporate them into my being to serve my highest good, if you know what I mean. Which was also how I sort of lost my religion in order to gain my spirituality.

If there’s one thing I absolutely love about Australia aside from the plumbing system, it’s the democracy. I’m not talking about the government, but the values that lie behind the concept. Where people live and let live. As long as you’re not doing anyone harm, who cares? And besides, everyone’s too busy doing their own thing to notice. In the Philippines, everyone’s too busy noticing everyone else like they’ve got too much time on their hands.


I could just be imagining it but time moves faster down here, I reckon. The hot summer afternoons in the Philippines seem to stretch into eternity while here in Australia, I’m surprised it’s already 2:00pm and I haven’t even had lunch yet.

Having lived here for seven years, Australia’s not perfect but I’m happy. I feel blessed to be in this country. Even more privileged to be granted citizenship. This day was definitely a milestone in my journey.

Indeed, the universe puts you exactly where you are meant to be.

*Raven at 6 years old

6 thoughts on “Officially Aussie

      1. hello Jewey! yes I’ve been busy…with work and just literally resting (staying in bed) during dayoffs! haha. Congrats ulit!!! 🤓

        1. Good on you! As a busy mama, you need it. I mean, we all need to be sane for our kids, hey? It’s a tough gig.

          Anyway, enjoy your little holidays in bed and have some more when you can. I’ll see you around wordpress. 🙂

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